Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few Triduumm thoughts

After the Maundy Thursday Mass we visited seven altars of repose at different parishes around us. Queen of Peace in Arlington was the saddest. There was nobody there but us and a parish staff member. St. Anthony's in Falls Church, Virginia was the most impressive. There must have been 70 people sitting in silence adoring Our Lord. I've never seen that many people at adoration before. St. Mary's in Old Town, Alexandria was the most beautiful. It really looked like we were in a garden. We ended the night at the Cathedral.

On Good Friday night we went to the Burial of Christ ceremony at the Franciscan monastery. A young family sat behind  us and my mother began to cough. The youngest child was chewing gum or candy or had attacked a perfume bottle and the smell kicked Mama's asthma into gear. I asked my husband if we had time to move but every seat was taken by then. Rocky nodded and said, "Look there's Raymond Arroyo." I looked and yep it was him.

"Does he have his family with him?" "I can't tell. It looks like it's just him."
 And then Mr. Arroyo walked to the pew behind us, was greeted with delight by his kids and and led his family away to another part of the church. Rocky and I were amused because once you saw them altogether the kids are the spitting image of their dad and my mother was really thankful because she'd left her inhaler at home.

For the sermon that follows the burial ceremony the priest reminded us all that the Christians in Israel have a very hard row to hoe. They are caught between the Israelis and the Palestinians and that's not a comfortable spot on a good day and these aren't good days. He also spent a good bit of time wishing the Jews a happy Passover which my mother found weird but it made sense actually. The Franciscans are guardians of the Holy Land shrines. They have to be diplomatic.

One thing I want to say to all young parents is this: leave the tots at home when you go to the Vigil Mass or give them and yourself a break. You can't get upset at and threaten to punish a two year old who should've been in bed hours ago if he has a screaming meltdown at 11PM. You should've stayed home and gone to a day Mass. If you have older children (ten and up) who can't behave then you need to discipline them or figure out what mental or emotional issues they have but a two year old is really just a baby and can't be expected to be still for a whole Vigil. Jesus said "Allow the little children to come to Me." Our Lord did not say, "Let the kids throw tantrums in the synagogue aisles or play Angry Birds before the Holy of Holies in the Temple". He really didn't.

Fr. Sticha is right. I hope he hangs tough.

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Lola said...

You are right about the discipline of children.

And I sometimes visit a "Rich" parrish on the East coast of Florida and the Ladies there are heavey handed with the pricey perfume. It could send some to the hospital.

I hope your mother is all better and you are enjoying Eastertime.