Saturday, April 21, 2012

random thoughs

  • Father Groeschel is coming to St Anthony of Padua in Falls Church, Virginia to give a talk this Sunday. It is an Institute of Catholic Culture event.

  • I'm not sure how I feel about the new Blogger dashboard.

  • Thank you Pope Benedict. In your old age and sufferings with your health you are stunning your enemies and leaving the rest of us amazed. You've called out those who needed correction (The Neocats and the LCWR) and you boldly opened your arms to the Anglicans and to the SSPX.
  • Speaking of the SSPX, this post was very interesting.

  • If you had a beautiful Triduum, thank your priest. Father Eagle at my parish is a young, energetic man but even he looked a bit peckish by the time Easter Monday rolled around so imagine what it's like for an older priest. So many Catholics do nothing but bitch and moan. We act as if our priest has nothing to do but make us happy and so, so many of us never think to even  say so much as a "God bless you." on their behalf.

  • I don't understand the US Bishops who are throwing a fit over a proposed budget. After decades of cheering as the government takes over more and more of American  private life they were shocked when the government told them that they'd have to pay for birth control and abortions. With all due respect to these men who are far more intellectual than me but sirs, where are your heads?


LarryD said...

Thanks for linking, Dymphna. I appreciate it!

Deo volente said...


I must say that I don't like the new Dashboard. I suppose that old dogs don't learn new tricks easily.

As for Larry, man, I thought you had stopped blogging! I'm happy to have your new address!


JAK said...

The Patheos blogs are pathetic and irritating. One of their bloggers called Patheos the "new Areopagus."


LarryD said...

Deo Volente - nope, still churning out posts like a drunken monkey. I switched to WordPress last November, and based on what I'm reading about the "new" Blogger, I am very glad I did so!

Dymphna said...

So far, I don't think I like the new Blogger or maybe I just don't like change.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

The American bishops never should have encouraged the growth of social(istic) jstice in the first place. They should have realized that the government was going to become a monster that would devour everything in its path. Bismark's and Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, and the USSR, should have been a fire alarm in the night that should have warned them what was to come.

R J said...

I'm amazed that Stephen Heiner, in the SSPX-related post to which Mrs. Dymphna linked, should have complained: "Bishop Fellay has run his organization with an iron fist over the last decade."

Earth to Mr. Heiner: that is what a bishop, any bishop, is supposed to do. Or does Mr. Heiner really prefer the NewChurch situation whereby every 10th-rate lay intellectualoid fashion-victim with a keyboard and a bad case of verbal incontinence can, de facto, overrule centuries-old doctrine?

The Church is hierarchical. Deal with it, Mr. Heiner.

Nathan said...

"but even he looked a bit peckish by the time Easter Monday rolled around"

Dymphna, peckish is the perfect word for that! Thank you! It's becoming increasingly rare to come across someone who knows how to use Southern nuance and language well.

My grandfather "Pa," may he rest in peace, used to ask me when I came over if I was "feelin' pert." Seeing your post was a pleasant reminder of him and an occasion to offer a prayer for his soul.

I'm also glad St Rita's is doing such wonderful things with the TLM. Perhaps you can share some numbers with the simultaneous TLM on Thursday nights down at St Louis in Groveton? It's a very quiet Low Mass, but it's discouraging to have less than 10 people show up consistently.

In Christ,

Joe Potillor said...

I'm a fan of the changes...took me a while to adjust but things run more smoothly on chrome :D

Hope that you're having a blessed easter, great thougths as always

Joe of St Therese

Joe Potillor said...

I'm a fan of the changes...took me a while to adjust but things run more smoothly on chrome :D

Hope that you're having a blessed easter, great thougths as always

Joe of St Therese