Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado talkers---have you no sense of decency?

All sorts of miserable wretches are attempting to make hay over the Colorado movie massacre. They are talking when they ought to be silent. People are dead. Mothers, fathers, spouses(?) are grieving and now must plan funerals.  This is not the time to ride a particular hobby horse. One blogger, whom I think is a poor excuse for a man,  blamed the victims for merely being there. Apparently going to anything more than a G rated movie makes you deserve to be gassed and shot down. Another blogger criticized the victims who brought their children.

I agree that Batman isn’t for little kids (and isn’t THAT a shame?) but mocking the dead and injured as they lie gray and cold in the morgue or their hopsital beds is obviously a failure of mercy and decency.

Still another Catholic blogger whom I used to respect and whom I won't be reading anymore, blamed the movie itself and most movies for somehow influencing the 24 year old killer. The political beat news personalities tried to whip the public into hysteria by claiming the killings were due to politics. Brian Ross of ABC implied that  an innocent man was involved and had to apologize.  The innocent man got threats and had to disconnect his phone. Ross sitll has his job. This is all simply obscene.

The Colorado killer is obviously a freak and a monster, a pest of among men but the commentators don't know why he is that way and I don't think they really care. They just want to take the deaths and injuries of people to prove their precious points. There are no pat answers as to what makes mass killer. With that in mind, allow me to introduce someone to you. His name was Jesse Pomeroy at14, he remains the youngest serial killer in American history.  Neither TV, movies nor the Internet had been invented when Jesse started torturing and killing younger children. None of the usual excuses applied to his behavior. Despite being observed for decades no doctor could say if Jesse was simply criminally insane or demonic. You can have a pet theory about the Colorado killings but the glee, the smugness, the unseemly haste of the reporters and commenters is appalling.

Our Lady of Silence, pray for us.


Old Bob said...

Dymphna, thank you for those astute comments! Yes, best to just be quiet and pray for all concerned.
By the way, beautiful statue.

Anita Moore said...

Admittedly, we don't know all the facts yet, but in our sex- and violence-soaked age, I have to disagree to the extent of ruling out this movie, or movies and entertainment in general, as a possible contributing factor. I'm not blaming the victims for being where they were when they were killed, but I don't see how we can get around looking at the effect of violent movies, video games, websites, etc. on our behavior.

What we see and hear and watch and read influences us profoundly, in ways we don't even suspect -- the whole rationale for the advertising industry, which is all about getting people to behave in particular ways. And the saints understood it. St. Alphonsus Liguori warned against attending bad plays, and wrote hymns set to popular melodies in order to wean people off ribald songs. Don Bosco said the two main causes of people going to hell are bad company and bad books. Had he lived in our tmie, I suspect he would have added bad movies and bad video games to the list. All of us over 30 can remember a time when the level of violence that prevails in entertainment media today would have been unthinkable.

And this prevalence is not without its effect. We become inured to violence, until the unthinkable turns into the commonplace. I read the story of Jesse Pomeroy, and note that, while he was not bombarded by violent movies and video games, he was subjected to real violence at home. No doubt there were other factors, not excluding the demonic. But in his day, Jesse Pomeroy was a one-off. Today, when our culture is saturated with sex and violence, we see children as well as adults committing the most unbelievable crimes, up to and including mass murder. The public was horrified by the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, in which six gangsters and a mechanic were murdered; now we live in a time where we have several St. Valentine's Day Massacres a year, and without even the bad excuse of gang warfare behind them.

I guess the whole point of this ramble is that we need to not only pray for the victims and their families, but also prayerfully consider how our culture fosters outrages like this, and then address the problem at its root so it doesn't keep happening. Events like this are a call to repentance and conversion.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Anita, Jesse Pomeroy may have been subjected to violence at home, but that violence didn't cause him to become the monster he turned out to be. JP was a psychopath from the word go. His killing of his mothers birds shows one of the traits of a developing psychopath, the torture and killing of animals. Tons of research has shown that these twisted individuals are basically born that way. While mistreatment can fuel their hatred of other human beings, most psychopaths are from normal loving families with no history of child abuse. To inform yourself about psychopathy, read "Without Conscience" by Robert O. Hare.

Lola said...

I think the denomic takes part in ALL of these horrible murders. I am certain it happened in the Arizon shootings last year when Rep. Giffords was injured.

The story of Jesse Pomeroy reminded me of the Atlanta Child murders. I was a child at the time and remember the terror of the story even tho I didn't grow up in Atlanta.
There was an 'unsolved' murder of a girl discovered in St Louis in the 1980s. It's too horrible to describe here. I still hope that case.

I also remember shootings at fast food restaurants in the 1980s.

My favorite book on evil is "People of the Lie" by M Scott Peck. Maybe not the best book, but it got me to think about those everyday evils and the orgin of history's big evils.

The subject of evil people

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think these horrendous acts of violence are endemic to the culture of death. It is a sad truth and we are all in danger. That's why it's wise to keep your rosary in your purse or pocket and pray it often. I pray every day that my children and grandchildren will not be the victims of random violence.

Steve, I find it hard to believe that anybody can be born a psychopath. We are each made in God's image and likeness. What kind of sense does it make to say an innocent baby is a born killer?

Frankly, I don't care what the psychiatrists say. Fr. Hardon was a psychologist as well as a theologian and he called psychiatry a fraud. For several years he was assigned to a psychiatry hospital and was proud of the fact that he got lots of folks out of it.

Dymphna, I hope my post on the massacre wasn't the one you were talking about. I was sickened by the coverage by the media.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Mary Ann, you may find it hard to believe that psychopaths are born that way, but I don't. I've had the misfortune to know three such twisted individuals, and based on what I've observed with my own eyes and ears, and what other people have told me about them, they are bent from the womb. All the books and articles I've read about this distasteful subject point to the same conclusion that I've reached: they're born that way. And since they have no moral compass in their minds, nothing can be done to help them. You can only avoid them to protect yourself, and if they commit crimes, they can only be executed or warehoused in a prison or an insane asylum to protect the general public. I'm sorry if this sounds heartless, but this is the only way you can deal with people who don't have a conscience.
If Fr. Hardon was a psychologist and he said psychology was a fraud, he was a hypocrite and a fraud. All of these people that he 'helped' t of the mental hospitals probably had real mental illnesses like borderline, bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, etc. If he wasn't a believer in the reality of mental illnesses, yet he had the gall to claim training in psychology, he caused dozens, maybe hundreds of people to be harmed by illnesses that can be controlled by drug and talk therapy. I wonder how his fellow psychologists felt about his ideas on mental illness?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

How you can prove that someone is twisted from the womb? What possible evidence can be presented?

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Mary Ann, read "Without Conscience" by Robert O. Hare. His book shows that psychopathic behavior begins very early in life. and as I already pointed out, most psychopaths come from completely normal families. their evil originates in their own hearts, not from any so-called abuse.

Dymphna said...

No, Mary Ann, yours was not one of the ones that upset me. The Catholic blogger whom I won't be reading anymore is male.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"His book shows that psychopathic behavior begins very early in life. and as I already pointed out, most psychopaths come from completely normal families. their evil originates in their own hearts, not from any so-called abuse."

Perhaps a case for freewill setting in earlier than age 7?

I mean, St Gregory on hearing of a four year old blaspheming and immediately dying implied he had (despite baptism) gone to Hell.

However, born that way, no.