Saturday, January 25, 2014

St. Louis has wisdom for us

Rules for Carrying Crosses
Not to deliberately cause crosses, by one’s own fault.
Be aware of one’s neighbour’s good.
Admire the sublime virtue of the saints without pretending to attain to it.
Ask God for the wisdom of the cross.
Humble oneself for one’s faults, without worrying.
God humbles us to purify us.
Avoid the trap of pride in one’s crosses.
Profit by little sufferings rather than great ones.
Love crosses, not with an emotional love, but with rational and supernatural love.

Suffer all sorts of crosses, without exception and without choice.

Never complain against creatures. 
Accept the cross only with gratitude.
Take up some voluntary crosses.

—Adapted from St. Louis de Montfort, Letter to the Friends of the Cross

Middle and working class America has had it really, really good for a blessedly long time (sadly, it seems to have been mostly Prostestants who realized that and openly thanked the Lord for His bounty) and now that things are bad a lot of people are freaking out and simply becoming unhinged. St. Louis and the Church have wisdom like pearls and diamonds if we would only pick them up.   

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