Friday, January 10, 2014

The Child King


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

It seems picture and title don't match?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Or is it James VI and I?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

K 75 70 5
I 65 130 10
N 78 200 18
G 71 270 19
J 74 340 23
A 65 400 28
M 77 470 35
E 69 530 44
S 83 610 47 657

Ouch, sorry, I is not 65, but 73. Add 8. 665.

Add 1 for "I", "666", and in a certain way James VI and I was that.

He insisted on kneeling and forbade preaching transsubstantiation.

He burned baptists on the stake in 1611, while Catholic Church considered them as unbaptised heathens who were not under the Inquisition.

He promoted a Bible version not authorised by the Catholic Church. It placed canonic books like Baruch along with un-canonic books like Baruch II, Baruch III, as I recall.

Add 2 for "II", and James VII and II was "667" a k a Neighbour of the Beast.

The beast he had to deal with was however one William of Orange, and ORANGE is 444, as in King of the South rather than King of the North.