Saturday, February 08, 2014

Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler saved over 2000 Jewish children during World War II. She didn't have to do this. It was dangerous. Nobody could blame her if she had decided to mind her own business and just try to survive the war but she didn't do that. She chose the holy thing, the courageous thing. Eventually she was caught by the Nazis and among other totures they inflicted upon her was breaking her legs. Do you have any idea how hard someone would have to strike you to break your legs? But look at that face. They did not break her soul or her love of God. Now this is a  woman to admire.


Mrs. H. said...

It sickens me that we hold up people who can throw a ball through a basket as heroes for our children to emulate.They wear their names on their shirts and we pay them millions of dollars. How shallow we humans are! The true heroes are all around us. And usually known only to God. But, thankfully, in the end it is only His opinion that counts. Thank you for sharing the story of a true heroine.

Quill Igrapher said...

This is a remarkable woman. Irena Sendler’s life defines a heroine of the modern era and her inspirational story should be repeated as often as possible.

Not everyone knows that Irena Sendler's legacy is connected to four 9th graders in Kansas who captured her courage and compassion in a staged presentation called "Life in a Jar." Their project quickly spilled over into their community and ultimately attracted global attention.

Many details about Irena Sendler, A Heroine of the Holocaust, can be found at It connects the lives of this brave social worker in Poland and four dedicated students in Kansas who brought her amazing story to life.

Dymphna, you should be commended for spreading the inspirational memory of this marvelous woman.