Wednesday, May 18, 2016

So it's come to this and other random thoughts

  • When your daughter goes to the restroom at school next year there might be a boy in there and you can't do a thing about it. Ann Barnhardt has had enough of the culture that is allowing this. Non Veni Pacem thinks there is still a chance.  I think a few thousand or so people will pull their kids out of public school but most will shamefacedly buckle down and simply tell their daughters to be careful when they go to the rest room and to just leave if they see a male. Some people are saying hopefully that the next president will undo this. Um, no.  Other than Prohibition, I can't think of a single national law or agency or program that was discarded after being set in place. 

  • Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  • A mariachi band stopped by to pray at our parish today. It was neat seeing them.

  • This has got to be one of the most depressing things I've read all month.

  • A young man from another diocese was at Mass today. He made a point of letting Fr. Hawk know  that he'd rarely seen such a beautiful, reverent Mass. Rocky wishes that he'd asked where the poor kid was from. 

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