Monday, May 02, 2016

The whole society is compromised and other random thoughts

St. Dominic, pray for us.
  • Feminists destroy everything they touch. First they came to kill the babies now by pushing women into combat they mean to get the young and fertile women killed.

  • One aspect of city living is that I've seen transvestites in the ladies room. I only noticed because the well dressed tall woman with the huge feet in the next stall was doing whatever it was that she was doing standing up and with her back to the door. Later I'd realize that it must have really been a man. A lot of people are upset with Target because the store is now allowing men in the ladies room. I know people who shop at Target and love it but it always seemed to me to be overpriced and for people who were too snooty to go to Walmart or Kmart.  Whenever I went there to shop for pajamas or t-shirts for my uncle in the nursing home I usually left empty handed because the quality didn't impress me.

    The American people have been thoroughly manipulated in the last thirty years to accept homosexuality. The battle was lost a long time ago and just as women have always suffered when their soldiers lost wars many of us will suffer now. The occasional transvestite whose disguise was almost perfect was not the danger really. The rapist or the peeping Tom who used to sneak into the ladies room is the problem. Now all he has to do is walk into Target and just wait until one lone woman or girl comes in. No-one at the store will order him out or call the cops. He's free to hang out as long as he wants and if he leaves his victim dead or incapacitated he'll be able to stroll out of the ladies's room without anyone in store security asking him "Hey buddy, whatcha doing in there?" Target has corporate counsel so   the company knows that they could face lawsuits but someone at the top is so attached to this cause that he's willing to risk it.

  • I read that Russian Orthodox and Russian Catholics have pitched in to help Syrian Christians rebuild their churches. That's wonderful but notice who is not helping. I expected nothing from the Protestants of course but where are the Western Catholics?

  • Our whole society has been compromised and perverted. I knew that sort of but it really hit me this week. I was reading a conservative blog that covers politics and society. I'm not interested in politics anymore so the social issues are  what I focus on. Most of the people are over 60 and reading it on a daily basis has been  really shocking. It's clear that they deplore the president and the Democrats but it's unclear what they love. Since we fight for what we love that is important. Most seem to be more delighted by their pets than they are by their grandchildren and seem to loathe their step-children in general.  Only a few lonely voices had a problem with divorce or eugenics. Most seem to be fine with homosexuality as long as it's amusing like Truman Capote and doesn't make any demands. Most seem to belong to no church at all and are just "spiritual".  Only one or two mentioned Easter  when it arrived. Most have no problem with abortion as long as it's in the first trimester. They find the singer, Beyonce offensive but love watching the Lucifer TV show. As I read, I thought, 'If these are the conservatives then what the heck are the liberals like? No wonder this country so screwed up!'

     Alice vonHildebrandt once  mentioned in a lecture that she never saw pornographic images when she was a child but today  children are exposed to  many such images. Even if you don't own a TV, and rarely leave your property every time you go outside you are witness to smut that would have gotten someone arrested just 40 years ago.  Get on the bus and you'll see obscene ads. Drive on the highway and you  see obscene billboards. Go to the mall and you can see half dressed teenagers and even older women. Go to the grocery store and there are magazines with lewd headlines and sometimes fully naked women on the cover right there in the check out line. Seeing cleavage, naked thighs and midriffs at Mass is not uncommon. God bless Catholic parents who fight the good fight everyday. Even so-called respectable mainstream society is against us.  No president can fix this sick society.  We need the help of Heaven. 


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Every random thought spot on! No hope but one, Jesus Christ. Mary, lead us to your Son who is the Savior of the world. In the meantime, I hug my grandkids and pray that there is still a decent world for them when they are adults. It seems increasingly less likely.

Sal Sal said...

I enjoy your blog very much! Your comments about being assaulted with perversion daily are spot on. Chastity is a third or fourth concern (if that) for may Catholics. Although ironically it seems to be an earthly linchpin for living the gospel, and it just makes sense. Modern "Love" is so wrapped up in the physical and a variety of the physical (thanks for that one pornographers) that it is no wonder why so many relationships fail.

The Western Church frequently disappears when there is something to do, from rebuilding churches, keeping itself true to it's teachings, censuring problematic clergy who are contrary to the church teachings. Frankly it feels like it's a disaster. I keep asking "How much more will You allow?"

Belief within the church is like a gag. "Oh you go to daily mass, why would you ever do such a thing?" It's quite dispiriting when you stop to take it all in. I wonder where it all leads sometimes, when a small faction of the laity in a given parish has a better sense of what is going on than the clergy.

Peace be with you!

newguy40 said...

An excellent summary.

As an example of how a lack of modesty and perversion as commom place has pervaded even the Church.
I used to go to a first saturday devotion at a local parish. Come summer time it was full of weddings before the devotion started at 3PM. I was appalled at the short skirts and cleavage exposed by the wedding party and attendees. After a couple of these incidents I complained to the pastor. Honestly, he looked at me like I had been the one offending. I was very forthright in my disapproval and asked him to correct it especially in light of the first saturday devotions. As far as I know, these immodest weddings are still going on.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"I read that Russian Orthodox and Russian Catholics have pitched in to help Syrian Christians rebuild their churches. That's wonderful but notice who is not helping. I expected nothing from the Protestants of course but where are the Western Catholics?"

Perhaps the story is about a relief action which is Russian, and therefore Westerners are outside of it by linguistic reasons?

Or did it specifically say it was the only action so far of its kind or that Westerners weren't helping?