Tuesday, July 26, 2016

France has fallen and other random thoughts...

  • Fr. Jacques Hamel, aged 86 was slaughtered while saying Mass in  Normandy. Some reports use the word, "beheaded". There are not a whole lot of practicing Catholics in France anymore except for Traditionalists so I'm guessing there were few people at the morning Mass. The French can't comfort themselves with platitudes or tell themselves to simply avoid crowds or sinful venues and everything will  be okay. Fr. Hamel's murderer was making a statement, a territorial claim. His people are at war. They are not leaving anybody alone.  So here we are. Fr, Hamel is not going to be the last victim. The monster is out of the bag and even taking his funding away and cutting his Internet access isn't going to put him back. What was done to our fellow Catholics  in the Middle East is going to be done in the West.  God have mercy.
    Eternal rest grant until Fr. Jacques O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Pray for us, St. Perfectus.

  • An elderly woman lost her Faith back in the early Novus Ordo years. She never goes to Church now. Her greatest love in life was her dog and now the dog is dead. In her grief she wrote that dear Fluffy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge and her "fur baby" is waiting for her on the other side. I was tempted to say, "Ma'am your dog did not cross the rainbow bridge to Asgard. Fluffy is not running around in Valhalla chasing squirrels all day and feasting all night at the side of Thor and Odin. Your dog doesn't have an immortal soul and is not waiting for you."    Others gently tried to say that animals don't have immortal souls but were ignored. I just had to marvel at the destruction that has been wrought in our church for most of my life.

  • When did World Youth Day become a standard part of the Church's year? Do we really need dancing nuns, rapping monks and pop music to minister to the young?

  • Don't be scared to put on a veil in the presence of Our Lord if you are moved to do so. When I first started wearing my mantilla to Mass there was a woman who used to glare at me and whisper to her mean girl posse. I was stung at first then I just looked away and kept on praying. They all left for different Mass times, or different parishes. I'm still here and I'm not the only one at my Mass time who veils.


newguy40 said...

Well, I don't know much about WYD. But, I do know that the men's religious shrine where we regularly attend Mass and confession will be adding a Coffee Bar to the premises! THAT is exactly what attracts people to the Faith! A good cup of joe. When the shrine is abandoned, the muslims can still get some coffee. I really really think God is PO'd.

And, what is worse, I don't have the strength or heart to argue with the provincial about the stupid coffee bar. I guess I've sorta given up at this point.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Coffee after Mass?

In Sweden that is standard BOTH with Lutherans AND with ... yes, Catholics too.

The Polish priests who received me joked about "in Sweden the Church Coffee is the Eighth Sacrament". In South Germany the standard is more like going together to the bar for a glass of wine - before lunch. "Frühschoppen" vs "Kyrkkaffe".

But really, neither is a sacrament for real.

newguy40 said...

Hans -- Thanks for the comment and talking me down from the ledge so to speak.

The provincial explained the bar is to encourage more visitors to the shrine as well as the fellowship you noted.

I continue to wish and pray for more reverence before, during, and after the Mass -- especially for our Eucharistic Lord. I suppose I saw the coffee bar as one more distraction.


Dymphna said...

I hope the coffee bar is far enough away from the altar that you can't hear the espresso machine during Mass. In the Summer all we hear is La Cucaracha being played by the ice cream trucks outside the church.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I am not a great fan of the arrangement.

While I practised, it became one source of temptation whether after Communion and Thanksgiving during end of Mass I should leave after Mass to go to the coffee bar, risking an incivility against Our Lord present in my body, or stay in a half hour's adoration and miss the weekly possibility of Catholic company.

From the wry comment about coffee bar being in Sweden an "Eighth Sacrament", I suppose I was not the first convert who sought advise about the problem during confession.

In St Nicolas du Chardonnet, the Church goers are so many and bars outside so close, that any time you do finish adoration - so take your time - you will get company and go to a bar together. A much better arrangement.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I always used to enjoy coffee and fellowship after Mass. I can't imagine the Lord being offended. He ate and drank with his friends and with sinners as well. So enjoy your coffee and praise God for all the good things he's given us. As St. John Bosco used to say, "Love God and have as much fun as you can." I don't think that advice was just for kids.