Monday, July 04, 2016

Sunday in Baltimore

Rocky took Sunday off this week so we were able to have brunch. That's such a rarity that it's always feels like we were on vacation. Afterwards we took the back way to Baltimore and visited churches. We saw St. Joseph's Monastery  and it is stunning. However, it's in a horrible neighborhood. You need to have your wits about you. Don't leave your purse in the car seat or leave the doors unlocked. You also shouldn't be gawking at the locals. Park on the church lot, go in and leave when you're done.  Next we went to St. Peter Claver but were not able to go in because most of the city church's have to be locked up. Finally we went to St. Casimir. It is a Polish parish and has the most truly awesome altar I have ever seen in a regular parish church. The paintings on the ceiling are restored and while the painter(s?) did a fine job with bodies and backgrounds they couldn't capture the faces very well and the colors seemed too bright for the age of the church. Still the place is beautiful.  As for Mass, well, liturgy in Baltimore outside of St. Alphonsus can be anything from okay to awful. After all that we went to Iron Rooster in Canton for dinner. I had the Dixie Pot Roast and Rocky chowed down on the chicken and waffles.

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