Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Random thoughts

  • If saying "Lord, I am not worthy...," offends you then you are probably on your way to Satanism.

  • Saint Maria Goretti has always been special to me because of her age and because she was a little country girl who had to work to help her family. My mother had her first paying job when she was nine. She was a companion for the wealthy old woman who feared the dark and whose son owned the land my grandfather farmed on. My mother would go over in the evenings, sit with the woman, entertain her with her chatter, make sure the stove was turned off, turn on the radio and see the old woman to bed. Then she'd lock up and walk a  few feet home.

    Although my mother was spared this, she knew of many young women who faced sexual pressure from their employers or the son of the employer. It took a brave girl to say no and to leave town for work if necessary.  Saint Maria refused her attacker but more importantly while she was dying and in indescribable agony she repeatedly said she forgave her him and wanted him to repent so that he could go to Heaven and not Hell. That's a saint. If the people on Patheos want to attack her that shows something low down and nasty about them.  Vox and Les Femmes both point out that Patheos and Alethia bloggers get paid by the click and will say foul, outrageous stuff in order to get you to click on their posts. I'm staying far away from the click baiters.

  • The phrase "cruelty free" is a  big advertising draw in the world of cosmetics but I am suspicious. Why? Because the cosmetics company needs to be sure that you won't be scarred for life or go blind by using their product. If they are not testing on bunnies or guinea pigs or rats then what are they using? I've read that the companies use cultured skin cells. Where did the skin cells come from? I fear much of it comes from the poor mangled bodies of aborted babies. After all what is more delicate and tender than a baby's skin? Cruelty free? Nope. I'll stick with Loreal and Revlon, thank you. Oh and by the way, so far research with aborted babies has not produced a single cure for any disease. 


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Always insightful and to the point, Dymphna. Thank you.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

As I had recalled it, Alessandro did not try to actually rape her, but asked her to give him her virginity and threatened death if not, which she would not give in to.

Where is an authoritative and OLD account of the story available on the web?

St Maria Goretti is one of my favourite martyrs, but Alessandro is one of my favourite penitents. I think I owe sth to his prayers, he died after I was born.

Ah, ok, I had actually simply missed the rape attempt between the indecent proposal and the killing. There had been one such first.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

(Though I would like this confirmed too, from a source better checked than wiki).

OK, I did check, here is what says:

"Lured by the passions of his day and nurturing the dark side of his soul with impious reading and thoughts, Alessandro Serenelli had been a thorn in lovely Maria's side. He propositioned her on several occasions and harassed her with impure suggestions. On July 5, 1902, he would be denied no longer. As she once again rebuffed his sexual advance, shouting, "No! It is a sin! God does not want it!", Alexander lunged to the deed, stabbing Maria 14 times."

In this text, it seems there was no actual rape attempt, just a revenge for the refusal.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

My own idea is, had they been able to marry when she was twelve, she might just have said yes to a DECENT proposal, and Alessandro might have seen no need for any other one.

The lower marital age and lower access to bad novels were two aspects of Papal states taken away from Nettuno in 1870.

Clerical censorship of books ceased, marital age was raised from 14/12 to 18/18 - with possible exceptions, I presume, if a pregnancy occurs earlier. I think that might have been Alessandro's plan. But it involved a mortal sin and she said no.