Sunday, December 11, 2016

I could have done without that.

Many decades ago my newlywed mother went out to dinner with my father and his family. She was impressed by the incredibly stunning woman sitting at another table. To her astonishment my aunt whispered to  her that the woman was not a woman at all but a man dressed up like one. My mother was 21 and it was 1963. She'd never known such a thing existed when she was a country girl and would have preferred not to know that it did now that she was in DC. Many Catholics who read about the pope's latest astonishing comments really could have done without knowing that there are men who get  sexual enjoyment from eating feces and they are horrified that a priest, bishop or pope would bring that up in public.  Randy Engel Ann Barhardt and Maureen Mullarkey  all had something to say about this. I could add my comments but that would be like being a pretty good  okay singer and having to go on stage after  Ella Fitzgerald.


Adrienne said...

You may color me astonished. Totally!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Do you think I should have left this one out:

Creation vs. Evolution : Is Wikipedia Losing the Grip? And what about cognitive bias and guilt by association?

Considering first article I linked to?

Feel free to consult Randy Engel, Ann Barnhardt, and Maureen Mullarkey too!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Adrienne, since you are already here, q goes to you too.

Thomas Gillespie said...

Yes, frankly it was a hellish reference for him to make. What normal man has that on his mind, or thinks it acceptable to reference it in public discourse?

I feel a bit as though someone opened the door to a blast furnace quickly and then slammed it again, giving me a glimpse of the hellish interior.

TLM said...

A glimpse it was Thomas, but it was a 'glimpse' that just refuses to dim. And holy cow, is it DISGUSTINGLY UGLY!!! Whew!!!