Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mass without pews


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Beautiful. I did not locate such a beautiful Church this Feast of the Immaculate Conception, rather, the Mass without pews I found in my diocese of Cleveland was disheartening. I saw no statues as I entered St. Ladislas, I did not see the tabernacle--still not certain there is one. All I saw was an empty stage with a table and some chairs off to the side. No pews and no kneelers but chairs side by side. They sat during the consecration. I wanted to stay kneeling as an act of reparation during the rest of the Mass once I saw there was no intention to kneel at any part; but I behaved myself and stood for the Our Father until the Lamb of God began. It was yet another Church and Mass destroyed in the Cleveland diocese...very sad and filling one with sorrow. I provide a link to their Dec. 18 video Mass. I did not watch it, but I link so that you can see the uglified altar area. It is heart-breaking for those who have entered a real Church like my regular Parish which I also link to...we have done such harm to our Lord, Lord have mercy.

kam said...

Beautiful, thank you.