Sunday, December 18, 2016

Random thoughts while fighting off a headache

  • I love this painting. It's such a peaceful little moment in the Divine Infancy.

  • Our Lady was NOT an unwed mother.  She and Joseph were betrothed.   Under the betrothal system the bride and groom wouldn't live together until the wedding which would happen as soon as  the groom had the household ready and the date was one that good for all the parties involved,  but  to put it plainly, they had all the rights and duties of marriage. You do not contemplate divorcing a fiancee, you divorce a wife. If you want to make an unwed mother feel better about herself you could tell her about St. Margaret of Cortona but do not her that the pure mother of God was once just like her and things worked out...

  • Jesus was NOT an illegal alien. His parents fled local strong man,  Herod but they were moving from one Roman territory to another. It was like moving to Pennsylvania because things in Virginia got too hot for you with the local constabulary, something that happened to one of Rocky relatives. No matter where you went in Rome's territory, no matter what language was spoken or what gods the people were enthralled by, your overlord was Caesar Augustus.

  • I only find statues with electricity in Italian or Polish parishes in Baltimore and Pennsylvania so it's always a little thrill when I see them.

  • I found the  most gorgeous antique holy card blog. Holy Reflections has prayer pages, crafts and samples of the restoration work that the site owner does. I downloaded a card and then laminated it. Rocky and I gave them as gifts to his fellow ushers.

  • Do you have a good priest? Stand by him. Pray for him.

  • My parents subscribed to  National Geographic because they thought it was educational for me. I would spend hours reading the articles and enjoying the photos but sometime in my teen years I stopped reading it because  instead being about anthropology, wildlife and earth sciences it became political and strident. Now it's showcasing victims of Munchhausen's Syndrome by proxy.

    newguy40 said...

    My parents would occasionally take us to a polish parish in Chicago. I don't remember any lights of the statues only that the churches were (to a 6 or 7 yo) huge and heavy with sanctity. To a young boy in 1967 that place was full of the presence of God. Never a doubt in my mind then (or now).

    Islam doesn't respect anything but force. They need a good hard punch in the face every 100 years or so.

    M. Prodigal said...

    It makes my blood boil when people--sometimes even a priest or deacon--say that Our Blessed Mother was just another unwed pregnant teen. She was not! As noted in the article, a man does not divorce a fiancée. Mary and her protector, who was also specially chosen by God, were legally man and wife. said...

    Sent the e-mail below cc Parish Priest because of what was posted in our bulletin this past Sunday, Dec 18, 2016.


    RE: Mary Was Not Yet Married in Daily Reading & Meditation > Sunday (December 18): "He will save his people from their sins"

    Aloha & Dear Mr. Don Schwager

    RE: your:

    Mary was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit
    Mary had to face an enormous challenge to her faith and trust in God and to the faith of her family and Joseph, the man she chose to marry. She was asked to assume a burden of tremendous responsibility. It had never been heard of before that a child could be born without a natural father. Mary was asked to accept this miraculous exception to the laws of nature. That required faith and trust in God and in his promises. Second, Mary was not yet married. Pregnancy outside of wedlock was not tolerated in those days. Mary was only espoused to Joseph, and such an engagement had to last for a whole year. She was asked to assume a great risk. She could have been rejected by Joseph, by her family, by all her own people. Mary knew that Joseph and her family would not understand without revelation from God. She nonetheless believed and trusted in God's promises. (My emphasis)

    Pope St. John Paul II the Great corrects:

    18. Above all, the "just" man of Nazareth possesses the clear characteristics of a husband. Luke refers to Mary as "a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph" (Lk 1:27). Even before the "mystery hidden for ages" (Eph 3:9) began to be fulfilled, the Gospels set before us the image of husband and wife. According to Jewish custom, marriage took place in two stages: first, the legal, or true marriage was celebrated, and then, only after a certain period of time, the husband brought the wife into his own house. Thus, before he lived with Mary, Joseph was already her "husband." Mary, however, preserved her deep desire to give herself exclusively to God. One may well ask how this desire of Mary's could be reconciled with a "wedding." The answer can only come from the saving events as they unfold, from the special action of God himself. From the moment of the Annunciation, Mary knew that she was to fulfill her virginal desire to give herself exclusively and fully to God precisely by becoming the Mother of God's Son. Becoming a Mother by the power of the Holy Spirit was the form taken by her gift of self: a form which God himself expected of the Virgin Mary, who was "betrothed" to Joseph. Mary uttered her fiat. The fact that Mary was "betrothed" to Joseph was part of the very plan of God. This is pointed out by Luke and especially by Matthew. The words spoken to Joseph are very significant: "Do not fear to take Mary your wife, for that which has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit" (Mt 1:20). These words explain the mystery of Joseph's wife: In her motherhood Mary is a virgin. In her, "the Son of the Most High" assumed a human body and became "the Son of Man." (My emphasis) - Redemptoris Custos (August 15, 1989) | John Paul II -

    The angel of the LORD even the Gospels makes that plain:

    “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home. [...]" (My emphasis)

    God bless you and yours and his work at your hands and may you al have a blessed Christmas and much success to you all in the New Year.

    Mahalo & regards,
    - FMShyanguya, the author and owner of The WAR Blog -

    Hans Georg Lundahl said...

    Speaking of cowardice, did you know JPHolding is a librarian, a colleague of yours?

    He does some good work, but then he is unfortunately cowardly as a debater.

    Do you think you could shape him up a bit, between you librarians?

    Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

    Hope your headache is better. Reading about the Church these days is enough to give anybody a headache and indigestion -- high blood pressure -- maybe even a stroke. Thank God for sensible Catholics like you! May I suggest a reading of Pope Pius XII's encyclical on the Mystical Body of Christ. It is proof that once there was a pope who could write and speak clearly with no ambiguous muddying of the truths of the faith! I look forward to the day I can say Pope SAINT Pius XII. He is certainly more edifying than most of our post-Vatican II popes!

    Hans Georg Lundahl said...

    Not so sure about that one, Mary Ann Kreitzer!