Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A careless nun's influence

Too many orders have fallen a long, sad way from the path this nun tread

A friend of mine once told me the story of an incident from the 70s when her family had an  an unhabited, pantsuit  nun as a weekend house guest. The nun was so difficult to deal with that she couldn't live with the other nuns in the convent. Instead of dismissing or correcting her the order simply paid for an apartment for her to live in.  At some point my friend and her brother, who were both quite young at the time  went to the refrigerator to get a candy bar which was the last of their Easter treats. It was gone. The wacky nun, who really liked candy, ate it during the night and  laughed at the disappointed little boy. Today my friend's brother never goes to Mass except for funerals and weddings. It's a silly reason to lose one's Faith but life is often silly and he was just a kid.  Sister Modern said and did a lot of foolish things over the eight years the children were in elementary school and the boy was repulsed.


newguy40 said...

I had one conversation with a "lapsed" Catholic who told me of his bad experience in Confession as a child. To me, it seemed rather minor and a convenient excuse or set of excuses to quit the Church.
But, I do realize how these incidents tell on the Faithful of what ever age. We're Catholic and like or not we "wear that uniform" 24 X 7. Another sufficient reminder for me to be kinder and more charitable myself. cheers--

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sad story. These situations always remind me of St. Francis de Sales statement that those who scandalize commit spiritual murder, but those who let scandal destroy their faith commit spiritual suicide. The question is whether there will be two spiritual deaths or one.