Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Catholic lady's every day carry

Keys for my home and my mother's
Prayer book
Rosary (it's a replica of the WWI US soldier's combat rosary--finally one that I can't break)
Pocket knife with a bottle opener-- I love this thing
Emergency kit with gloves, travel sized over the counter medicines, a contact lens case, hand sanitizer, an N95 respirator mask (there have been frequent smoke incidents on my commuter train) an emergency space blanket which only weights a few ounces, Razac hand lotion and a chapel veil with bobby pins
Not shown but they are always with me:
My phone, which I used to take the photograph
The brown scapular that I'm wearing


kam said...

Inspiring me to do an 'mans', but it would only be a wallet, Rosary, Scapular and cellphone. Still...

newguy40 said...

Nice. May I ask where you bought the replica rosary? I've had alot of success with a locally made wooden rosary that holds up well. Unfortunately, it lacks the corpus.

Dymphna said...

I got my rosary from Romanc Catholic Gear I have a 70 year old friend who got his WWII one from Ebay and I'm delighted to say that the Roman Catholic Gear copy looks just like it.

Sal Sal said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person who commutes with a flashlight. Nice Buck knife (w/bottle opener)!

Sandpiper said...

Where is tiny bottle of holy water for emergency baptisms? Not that I have anywhere near the Catholic arsenal you have Miss D. Strong work!

Dymphna said...

Sandpiper, that is a good idea. I just found a tiny holy water bottle. As soon as it arrives it's going in my bag. I think I'll use it bless my desk at work.