Sunday, March 25, 2018

Benedict Does NOT Equal Francis

Palm Sunday

  • All this week I've been reading that Benedict was never the orthodox prelate whom we thought he was and that he's really just Francis with class. That is hyperbole. Joseph Ratzinger was never mean, he was never crude and not a single person has come forward to tell a story about how Fr. Ratzinger used to swear and scream when he was unhappy or that he mocked them for being pious. 

     Maybe Pope Benedict was just a nice conservative, okay I'll accept that. Church and a social conservatives haven't won a single battle in 50 years but they've tossed off some cute witticisms and I  think deep down the leaders are content with that and many of them dislike the embarrassing Trads more than the out right heretics. Pope Benedict may not have had the courage or ammunition to fight the St. Gallen mafia and it probably would have been better for him if he had refused the papacy to begin with, but I don't think he's sipping on a beer in his apartment thinking, " Francis and I sure fooled those suckers. Hah!" 


Bill-the itinerant blogger said...

This I think is true. Whatever there faults I don't think you can compare John Paul II & Benedict XVI with Francis. They were far more human, and "saintly".

Billy Chickens said...

Neither JPII nor Benedict were embarrassing. Today it's an embarrassment to have a pope such as Dope Francis.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Too true. Benedict was a liberal at Vatican II, but people change and they generally get more conservative as they get older -- and wiser. He has written some great works. I remember reading about a conversation he had with a liberal feminist on a plane. I don't remember who it was, but she talked about how gracious was. That's a very telling incident about his over-all kindness.

Barbara Jensen said...

I love Pope Benedict. He is truly a kind and authentic man, and he is a person of deep intelligence who worked with John Paul 11 all those years to combat heresy while the wolves were baying at the door of Christ's Church. What is most hypocritical of those who look askance at this man of God is the terrible judgement they give him for 'abdicating' the papacy. There are so many factors regarding that mysterious occurrence that we have any right to judge the motives of this beleaguered prelate. Christ did tell us not to judge, and, as we know, this means not to judge the motives of anyone's heart because we cannot know their true motives. This does not stop the hypocrites, with their sanctimonious ,upturned noses, from condemning Pope Benedict for abdicating. I think he is a virtual prisoner in the Vatican and he himself has stated that he does not go anywhere without Bergoglio's permission. Pope Benedict needs our prayers. Let us support this good man with our faithful petitions for his soul and his well being. Let us leave his judgement to God.