Friday, March 16, 2018

The Letter

What are we to make of Pope Benedict's letter defending Pope Francis as a theologian? Some people say that the letter doesn't sound like Benedict at all and must be fake or he was forced to write it. The fact that the Vatican chose to crudely blur the last two lines of the letter raises alarms.  Hilary White and Steven Skojec  on the other hand, say that Benedict was never what we thought he was and yes, he either wrote the  letter or at least was content to sign what the ghost writer gave him and he is probably just fine with Francis.

 Both Hilary and Steve got gruff to the point of stinging insult with anyone who disagreed with them on Twitter. Who's right? What the Hell is going on? I don't know. All I can say is that Benedict is very old and practically helpless. He's said to be partially blind and prone to falling and he's suffered a dramatic and obvious physical decline. Perhaps if one decent person could go to his chambers with a cell phone, press record and implore, "Speak Papa! Why did you abandon us?," we might learn something but that's not going to happen. Even if someone was bold enough to do it I doubt that the cell phone would make it beyond the Vatican walls or even as far as an elevator.
I am sure of one thing: if you are expecting Benedict to come to the rescue then you will die a disappointed man or woman.  He's too frail now and if it's true, as some whisper that he abdicated as part of a separate peace to protect himself and/or his brother then he's definitely out of the fight.  Lord have mercy.


landshark said...

Hilary White still refers to people as "retards" on her blog, if that tells you anything about her character. Her opinions hold no more validity than your average joe sixpack Catholic.

Kathleen1031 said...

That may be so, but there is no denying she gets some inside information and is just stellar at providing insights and new ways of looking at things. She's a good writer, and knows the voice of the Catholic world. She represents many traditionalist Catholics with her common sense viewpoint. Her last article "Et tu Benedict?" for 1p5, was bit of a tour de force.

Lynne said...

Yes, Hilary's articles on 1P5 and the Remnant have quote after quote after quote of Cdl Ratzinger's/Pope Benedict XVI which indicate that perhaps he was after all, one of the modernists. It goes to prove that we need to stop the hero worship of certain prelates because they say things that we like or keep us in our comfort zone regarding this decades-long crisis in the Church.

Oakes Spalding said...

Hilary is one of the sharpest and most principled Catholics I know. And I can't imagine anyone who actually knew her ever questioning her character.

And, anyway, what's wrong with "retard"? If it's good enough to be banned by Twitter, it's good enough for me.

Ave Crux said...

Now that the rest of the letter has been published it's clear that the Vatican was attempting to use Pope Benedict as a stamp of approval for Pope Francis's theology.

However, the Vatican resorted to criminally omitting the thrust of Pope Benedict's letter by hiding his stated refusal to do so, after citing the inclusion of the heterodox Theologian who "virulently" opposed Veritatis Splendor, indicating his surprise and disapproval.

Thus it would seem that Hilary and Skojec were off base in saying that the letter was a bona fide vote of support for Pope Francis.