Saturday, March 10, 2018

Things that make you go eww.

  • Taylor Marshall, whom I do not care for, says he had a vision of a good looking but sick woman with engorged breasts. Her babies were too afraid to nurse because the mother is poisoned. In the vision Taylor heard a voice tell him that yes Mother is sick but go ahead and eat because the milk is pure.  I watched Mr. Marshall's video twice and I don't know what to make of it. My first reaction was to be repulsed. Taylor you went full Christoper West. Never go full Christopher West.  My second reaction was exasperation. Yes, Holy Mother Church is in a bad, bad way but if  you follow, not trends or heresies but the holy teaching of the Church you won't go wrong. You don't need a vision that sounds like Japanese anime porn to see that. Heck all you have to do is open your eyes and read. 

  • After reading this  about the Vatican Easter stamp and how the image of Our Lord makes the heart of "women" flutter, one can only come the conclusion that much of the German hierarchy and their slimy underlings need to be forced to sit down in a locked room and have St. Peter Damian's book read to them ----and what is this disgusting fetish some people seem to have about Archbishop Gänswein’s appearance?


Adrienne said...

This points out the main reason I access almost zero "Catholic" sites. Obviously you made the cut ;-)

rakowskidp said...

I, too, thought of Christopher West when I first heard about this ... vision. It’s hard to imagine anything creepier than the overt sexualization of Our Lady... just seeing those words together in one sentence makes me more than a little nauseous.

Dymphna said...

Thanks Adrienne!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yikes. Get out the barf bags. Does everything -- even Jesus and the crisis in the Church have to be turned into a sex show?

Maria K. said...

A Christopher West inspired vision. Yep, can't get much creepier than that.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Dymphna. ABS thought his vision was both unique and bracing.

Unless a Mother breast feeding her child is sexual, one wonders how this comforting vision is considered sexual.

Liam Ronan said...

There is a difference between milk and Kool-Aid. Know the difference before you have a drink when told to do so by a 'prophet' of the God of Surprises or in a 'prophetic dream'.

Aloysius Beckett said...

First of all, Taylor never said he had a vision. Read his original post and you will see this. Second, this image is totally in line with what many great saints of spoken about/meditated on. St. Bernard comes to mind. You people need to get a grip and realize that not everyone is your enemy. Dr. Marshall is one of the good guys, he even goes to the EF and doesn't frequent the OF. Grow up people! This sort of nit picking and lack of understanding of the history of spirituality is embarrassing.

landshark said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't say I agree on this one. Odd, maybe, but not out of line with Sacred Scripture where we read in today's TLM Introit:

Isaiah 66:10-11 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)
10 Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all you that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all you that mourn for her.

11 That you may suck, and be filled with the breasts of her consolations: that you may milk out, and flow with delights, from the abundance of her glory.

Heck, even the popular Protestant translation has it similarly:

"Isaiah 66:10-11 New International Version (NIV)
10 “Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her,
all you who love her;
rejoice greatly with her,
all you who mourn over her.
11 For you will nurse and be satisfied
at her comforting breasts;
you will drink deeply
and delight in her overflowing abundance.”

Granted, I'm a grand-dad of a couple new grand-babies sustained by their precious Moms and I'm also a rancher with livestock so I see the wholesome sustenance thing more clearly than some maybe do, but the concept is strongly Scriptural and references the most basic provision of sustenance in the life of a person, the type of sustenance no one can give but a Mother.

Maybe the fact that we live in a hyper-sexualized and perverted society has jaded some and twisted the meaning from the love of a Mother to something "creepy"...for some inclined to think that way.

Unknown said...

He said it was mother church...

Unknown said...

I think "engorged breasts" and feeding at mom's tit is a guy thing. Satan isn't an idiot. If the goal is to homo-sexualize the Church, you need to throw an occasional hetero-bomb to hide the homo-bombs: The Vatican homo-crèche; the homo-stamp (the German church suggested it was for women's pleasure (eh, eh, guys, I'm not buying it); Andy Buechel's homo-theology about his queer god (; "Heal Me With Your Mouth. The Art of Kissing" by a "tender" priest and papal ghostwriter. Father Martin SJ building bridges and widening the gate; homo-Irish marchers proudly in New York's St. Patrick's Day parade...Satan is having a field day. Gotta throw in something to make it all sound normal.

PLCatholic said...

ProLife or AntiLife?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I watched the video and it certainly sounded like he was talking about a "vision." But I'm curious how you tell someone who's covered up in bed has "engorged breasts." I'm familiar with many of the artworks and shrines like the one to Our Lady of La Leche in Florida. I still find talking about Mary with "engorged breasts" off-putting.

I nursed my children and certainly love it when moms choose to nurse rather than bottle feed. And I'm no prude. I taught NFP for 20 years and you can't do that without discussing the birds and bees in pretty graphic detail. But there is a certain sense of modesty that makes women cover up while nursing. Some things are better treated as mystery. There is nothing ugly or nasty about the marital embrace either, but I don't want to watch a couple engaged in it, even under a sheet.

Perhaps that is what makes this video a little disturbing to me. The women on the thread seem to be more bothered by it. Just an observation.