Thursday, February 02, 2006

SSPX Reunion?

Bishop Loverde of the Arlington Diocese refuses to allow the Tridentine Mass in his territory so many people just go to St. Mary's in Washington DC, which has the Mass at 9AM. The church is located in China town and it used to be a bad area. Thanks to massive urban renewal things are looking much better but it's still not Mayberry.

Other people go to St. Athanasius in Vienna, Virginia. St. Athanasius is independent-- that is they decided to do their own thing until the bishop changes his mind. I pray that one day, those who want to go the Tridentine Mass will be able to do so in peace and without spneding their whole day on the road because they have to drive 60 miles or more to get to church.

There are rumors that the Society of St. Pius X is meeting with the Vatican about a full reunion. That would be a wonderful thing for the whole church.