Sunday, December 03, 2006


Today is the begining of Advent. We went to the Vigil Mass last night because Rocky had to work on Sunday. It turned out to be one of the funniest Masses I've ever been too. We arrived early and said our prayers and sat down. Suddenly we heard boom, boom, boom. The organist and the cantor were flying up the aisle. They stopped to genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament and almost ran into the sacristy. Their backs were both ramrod straight. Their faces were set like stone. They apparently had had a disagreement and intended for Fr. Theoden to settle it right then and there. Judging by her expression when she came out I'd say that the cantor won.

Next came the song of the old folks. For some reason several elderly parishioners couldn't contain themselves and were talking very loudly. The old woman sitting in front of me had a voice like a fog horn. You'd never believe such a deep sound could come out of a little tiny woman. Then came the baby chorus. A babe yowled in the back. Two toddlers danced and shouted in the front while their mother tried to hush them.

Then Mass started. Young Fr. Aragorn looked splendid in the purple Advent vestments and we had eight altar boys and three of our four ushers put on ties and jackets. One of the lectors had stage fright and whispered the second reading. Fr. Theoden gave them homily on---- pledge week. It's time in our parish to decide what we are going to give on a weekly basis for the next year. There was so much whispering and fidgeting in the pews. It was like a bunch of bad kids had been called into the principal's office. One man sitting behind me stage whispered in an aggrieved tone, "I give $20 a week!" Oh wow, dude. Did we all have to know it?

Fr. Theoden ignored that and reminded us all that our collection plate money goes into running our very old little church and blessed us all for our generosity. His homilies are always so great. I think he would have made a fine 8th grade teacher if he hadn't beeen called to the priesthood.