Friday, November 23, 2007

and i lived to tell the tale

On November 5th I went to work and passed out at my desk. At the hospital a surgeon told me that I had an cornual ectopic rupture. Our poor baby just got confused and implanted in the thickest part of my left fallopian tube instead of making it down to the uterus.

The hospital chaplain, a wonderful priest from Nigeria gave me Last Rites and then I went to surgery. Recovery has been slow but I was very much encouraged by my family, friends and the grace and mercy of God and His holy church. Priests came to give me confession and communion in the hospital and my parish priests called me on the phone to comfort me. Another wonderful priest walked from his rectory to my mom's home where I'm recuperating to give me Holy Communion.

Thank you, Lord for sparing my life.
Thank you St. Bernadette, St. Therese and St. Joan for your prayers.