Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pray for our priests!

Nobody seems to care much in the Western media but Catholic Archbishop Faraj Rahho was kidnapped in that suburb of hell, currently known as Iraq. I don't even want to think about what this poor man is suffering right now.

Our priests are under constant physical, mental and spiritual attack from the evil one. Some fall on the battlefield.

Jesus, Savior of the world, sanctify Thy priests and sacred ministers.

. . . . You must never forget that priests are, and that they remain, men.
God does not perform a miracle to wrest them from the human state.
The priesthood does not of itself give a person the power to do everything or to excel in everything. It is important to remember this lest you fall into a very old error . . . that of dehumanizing the priesthood and consequently of setting the priest outside of ordinary life.
That does great harm for by thus isolating him, as unbelievers do, to the exclusive realm of ceremonies . . . he is deprived in good part of his reason for being. If men refuse to pass through him, he no longer can be, at least fully, their mediator.
Cardinal Suhard