Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random thoughts as a migraine comes storming in

  • Lately, reading Fr. Z's blog been a bit of an awkward experience. It was particularly disturbing last month. I'm trying to be subtle here but I really wish he'd drop that donation button. If people want to send him stuff that's cool but ASKING for specific items seems...

  • A married Australian woman had an abortion because she was carrying twin boys and she wanted a girl. She and her wretched husband are planning on trying for a girl again. Since she used IVF to get pregnant there's no telling how many precious lives were destroyed so that these people can have what they want. When I think of the child I lost a few years ago I find myself wishing that this horrible female is struck barren instead.
  • If a man committed murder you'd say how horrible that was. If a woman gets an abortion most people pity her. That's peculiar.

  • Have you ever noticed that when people start gassing on about civility what they really mean is "Shut up and do as I say,?"

  • I hope that one day the craze of candlelight vigils, pep rally memorials teddy bear shrines for adults goes out of style.

  • Remember the 80s when everybody loved the Taliban because they were fighting the Russians? In retrospect, we should've minded our own business.

  • Trust Pope Benedict. We don't understand everything. Some things may be head scratchers but trust in our shepherd. He has been given to us by God.

  • If Catholics would just ignore Fr. Cutie he'll go away. Let him peddle his book to the Protestants. He demands attention. Don't give it to him.
    May God have mercy on him and may the poor man recover his vocation and senses.