Monday, December 26, 2011

Well that was interesting.

Christmas Mass was ....interesting. The cantor's vocals were lovely. We have a fine organist. The church was packed. Even though the windows were open it was hot and well, funky. A surprisising number of guys in their haste to get to Mass forgot their deordorant or maybe it was soap. One dude's natural scent just about made me swoon during the great Communion shuffle.  Concentrating was hard. I've never really paid the Christmas and Easter people much attention before but I now understand why friction rises. Folks, when you come late don't get huffy if the 90 year old couple arent' thrilled by you climbing over them to get to a spot and don't ask they lady in the wheelchair to move so you and your loved ones can sit together. Oh and if you must feed  your child would you please not give him buttery stuff that crumbles all over the pew. The poor man next to you didn't deserve the grease stains you left behind.

Father reminded us earlier in the week to be nice to our guests because our bad example could send a sensitive soul from the Church forever but honestly some of those people didn't make it easy.