Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teaching myself Latin

I bought this book, a nice, straightforward pronunciation guide. Then I started looking at online Latin classes and  tried this one. The teacher uses a cheerful, upbeat approach that gave me confidence very quickly.  This site is a lot of fun and made me smile. Sancta Missa is a goldmine resource. A lot of people really love Linney's Latin and I plan to give it a try some time this year. 

Church Latin is different from Classic Latin in the way that the English of Chaucer is different from the English of Charles Dickens. I'm not particularly interested in Classical Latin. I really just want to be able to confidently, as second nature,  understand big chunks of the missal without a translation and say the Gloria or the Confietor out loud without making anybody snigger.  If Classical Latin is your thing this site, Latin for Mountain Men looks fascinating.