Thursday, July 24, 2014

Should Priests blog? Part II

Fr. Pinot, French martyr

I've said before that priest's really shouldn't blog unless it's strictly their homilies and catechetical or apologetic material or posts about parish events. I've seen blogs by priests that were downright scary. A priest is an alter Cristus. He should not seem like a pop star tossing PR tidbits to his fans or a guru communicating his wishes to his groupies. His blog should never  leave readers wondering about how his lifestyle is financed or speculating that Father has too much time on his hands or if what they just read was written by a real priest at all.

Blessed Fr. Pinot,  courageous example for priests and us all, pray for us.
Mother Vogl, pray for us.
St. Pio, pray for us.
 Blessed Fr. Pro, pray for us.
 Blessed Fr. Popieluzko, pray for us.
Cardinal Mindzdenty, pray for us.
St. Fr. Edmund Campion, pray for us.
Priest martyrs of Nagasaki, pray for us.
Priest martyrs of Gorkum, pray for us.