Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Random thoughts after vacation

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Shrine, Philadelphia
  • Rocky and I went on vacation in Pennsylvania last week and took my mother with us.  We ate Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, gazed upon the beautiful farms and quilts and admired the animals. On Friday we went to Philadelphia and visited the Miraculous Medal and St. John Neuman shrines and we went to the Holy Spirit nun's Divine Love chapel for adoration. The chapel is gorgeous and we listened to the nuns praying their Office. We also saw both the extern sister and a cloistered nun who was adoring. We went to the vigil Mass at a Redemptorist parish and while it wasn't horrible it wasn't very good.  Mass at a Redemptorist parish always seems to mean no Confiteor and lots of jokes but on the bright side, the parishioners are very friendly and don't mind tourists at all. Another good thing about St. Anthony of Padua church in Lancaster, PA is that it is handicapped accessible with ramps and an elevator which was great for my mother.

  • If a guy pulls out a knife and cuts your throat it really doesn't matter if he's a lone wolf or a member of an organized international pack. You are still dead and your family is still miserable and the people who stood helplessly and watched you be butchered are still terrorized.

  • Are you in the Navy?  It's time to get out. Oh and please, if you belong to another branch of the military don't think this won't be forced on you too. It's coming.

  • Two priests in Mexico were kidnapped and found dead.  They are not lions or gorillas so their deaths will not make the world news.

  • Our Lord was not a social worker.