Sunday, November 20, 2016

A day in St. Mary's County

St. John Regis, Hollywood, Maryland 

Rocky took a rare Saturday off so we went for a drive in Southern Maryland. We went to the Patuxent Naval Air Museum and after that to Mass at St. John Regis.  It is a lovely little old church with a wonderful historic cemetery.  Mass started and there was no priest. People began looking around with concern and then the old priest announced from the choir loft that nothing was wrong with him but that there was going to be guest priest and he was caught in traffic. So we waited 15 minutes and when Father Guest came he apologized. Someone told the dear man that it was only 30 minutes from Baltimore to Hollywood, Maryland and since he comes from Congo he had no reason to doubt that.  He gave a fine homily. The whole Mass was reverent and the cantor stayed in the choir loft. After Mass we went to Golden Coral for dinner. We realized that we are not Golden Coral people but the chocolate fountain was nice.

St. John Regis was a tireless preacher who established safe houses for prostitutes who wanted out of that life and he created jobs and safe environments for country girls who had to come to the big city for work.