Sunday, April 08, 2018

random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

  • The death of Brother Anthony Freeman made me quite sad. He was born in the same year as my marriage and was young enough to be my son. Some people are saying that since he died in Rome and was a Legionnaire of Christ his death must be suspicious. I would say the non violent, non obviously accidental unattended death of a 29 year old must be checked out, period. Considering that there are evil men in the Vatican and the fact that many a seminarian has come back home with tales of sexual advances* being made to them by rectors, bishops and cardinals it's legitimate to raise an eyebrow about this death but be careful. Brother Anthony was presumably not an orphan and his parents are in great pain right now. If you are going to write certain things about him at least have the decency to offer some circumstantial evidence to back it up please.
  • The asinine claim that Latin American Catholics are going to save the Church in America because they are so much more devout that we are has pretty much died. Too many people have seen abominations like this to be fooled anymore. 

  • Here is a palate cleanser. This homily from a solid priest asks why it is that the media always comes up with crap during Holy Week or before Christmas?

*A childhood friend of mine left the seminary because he couldn't take the sexual shenanigans he was witness too and it broke his heart to see that nobody in the order was doing anything about it.