Sunday, July 22, 2018

Random thoughts on a rainy afternoon

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.
  • Have you ever noticed how funny our so-called elites seem to find pedophilia? They flippantly wish the fate of rape on the minor aged children of enemies or even people who disagree with them on social media. The writer of the Guardians of Galaxy movies was tweeting for years about things that no normal man would find funny or even mention in public or private and Hollywood just chuckled. Disney probably only fired him  because they were afraid that too many members of the public would be turned off and the next Gaurdians movie's bottom line would be affected.

  • Hilary White is on a roll. Bishop Thomas Tobin (NOT the Tobin in New Jersey) wrote something---well, tone death   in what may have been an attempt to pacify the laity and she gave some very good suggestions on how bishops can begin to earn the trust of the laity again. 

  • Speaking of bishops. Is it not odd, that Bishop Farrell and Cardinal Tobin have not come out and boldly said, "I lived with/worked for Cardinal McCarrick and I never saw anything that struck me as suspicious?"

  • I can't stomach reading the AKA Catholic blog anymore, not because of Louie Verrechio, whose insights I appreciate,  but because the comments. Louie will write about X and some people will respond and civilized discourse will take place. Then some tiresome soul will ruin by ranting about Y and when someone says, "Hey we're talking about X, he  (it's usually a he) will get belligerent. The comment boor demands that everyone else agree with him or they are must be heretics, evil  and/or  lacking in an IQ above 68. Why don't these individuals just write their own blogs? Why come on someone else's blog and try to take over?