Monday, September 09, 2019

random thoughts at the end of vacation

  • You can play the enfant terrible for only so long. After a while even patient gentle people start wondering if it's an act or if you really are emotionally defective. 

  • I was reading about a cheerleader who managed to fool her incredibly unobservant parents, delivered a baby, killed him and buried him in her parents' yard.  She got off. A jury found her not guilty. The first thing that popped into my mind is that parents really shouldn't let their daughters be cheerleaders or join the dance squad at school. You sit there and  clap and grin like a fool while she does a routine that a stripper would approve of and then are shocked when she acts out sexually..... And you parents who send your daughter to swimming and gymnastics ought to consider the huge amount of sexual interference that goes on from coaches, team trainers and doctors in both sports.

  • Rocky and I went to Pennsylvania on vacation last week and went to Mass at a Redemptorist parish. It wasn't bad. Father gave a sound homily and while he was surprised that I received on the tongue he didn't refuse or frown,  but it was almost comical because everything I expected from a Redemptorist parish happened.

    Eucharistic ministers in albs? Check
    Altar girl? Check
    Music from the 1970s? Check
    Jokes from the priest? Check
    The shortest version of the Confietor allowed? Check
    Lay person giving a talk after Mass and before the dismissal? Check

To be fair, the parishioners were very pleasant and Father was happy to greet us after Mass and ask us to come back for Mass on our next vacation.