Saturday, May 23, 2020

A wild memory and random thoughts on a beautiful Saturday afternoon

  • What the heck is going on with Michael Voris's hair? When did it become platinum blonde and why does it look like JFK Jr.'s hair when he was a toddler?
  • When I was 13, my father died. The next month I was walking to school and saw a man dressed in a shiny white suit and shoes. He was standing at the bus stop and looked at me with a kind smile. He seemed to glow.  I immediately thought it was the angel of death. My state of mind in that terrible time was that if my father could die then anything was possible. I walked toward him and then to my surprise, past him. I got to the corner and looked back. He was gone. Later I mentioned the episode to my mother. She told me that the man was in white probably because it was Spring and he just felt like busting out in his white suit. He smiled, she explained because he was probably a pleasant man who saw a pleasant and wholesome sight: a nice looking child in a Catholic school uniform going to school. She also pointed out that the glowing effect I saw was just the sun on all that white polyester. She went on to explain further that he was gone when I looked back because he was at a bus stop. The bus must have come and gone and I just didn't notice because I was so stunned. 
    I responded,"Oh! You're right," and then told her that I was still proud of myself because I didn't cry or try to run but went straight to my destiny like a grown person should. My poor mother sat down and tried to say something wise. Instead she just hugged me and said, "Oh baby." I imagine that some days she must have felt like lion tamer with a particularly wild cat.

  • I don't understand the whole British NHS cult thing. They've been told to stay away from the hospital and hide at home in isolation to protect the NHS and not cause the doctors and nurses to be overwhelmed with unimportant cases while battling Corona. But isn't the purpose of a national health service to serve the people? If they aren't taking care of the sick then what the heck are they getting paid for?

  • My dad used to say that one day the scientists were going to cook up something in the lab that would kill us all. I'd always laugh at his joke but I understood that he was telling me, through humor that Dr. So&So can be a crook or fanatic or wrong just like anyone else and that I should worship nobody but God.
  • Joe Biden says that any black person who does not vote for him is not black. So I guess the whole Civil War thing never happened and Joe actually has pride of ownership over black people's votes if not their bodies. I'm reminded of the Louisiana Democrat who boasted and was correct that the only way he'd lose his race would be if he got caught with a live boy or a dead girl in his bed. Joe was incredibly insulting and he's been given a pass by the media because he's the Democrat.
  • My old parish is having communion services. My current parish is sticking to You Tube Mass. Rocky wants no part of either choice.
  • Dear bishops and clergy of Minnesota, the worst the governor can do to you is arrest you. Fr. Kowalski, pray for us.