Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Wait, What? Fr. McGivney died of Corona back in 1890?

Dear Lord. These people never stop with the hype. Now they're claiming Fr. Michael McGivney died of Corona in 1890.  Up until a few days ago all biographies of Fr. McGivney said he died of pneumonia.
Yes, a cold can turn to pneumonia and yes there was a great deal of sickness in his town in 1890. He may have caught his infection from tending to parishioners  but there are more than one way to acquire it. Why try to make Venerable Fr. McGiveney cool by pinning Coronavirus on him? The Mormons try to baptize the dead to bring them into the Mormon cult. By using such a cheap tactic the promoters of Father's canonization cause look just like the Later Day "saints". I know the Knights want him to be canonized but by dropping the Corona  catch phrase to jazz up his cause is insulting to him and to the already degraded canonization process.

Fr. McGiveney, pray for us