Friday, August 13, 2021

Folie a deux

 I've said before that something is seriously off with Church Militant. It's like watching a  documentary on Folie a deux syndrome. Pardon my language, or not, but everything that comes from these people sounds like it was written by a rat who partied too hard at the outhouse and has gone insane. 

Randy Engel has been sounding the alarm for years about CM and there have been multiple incidents and  commentaries by big time bloggers about CM which I won't discuss here but it became clear to me that CM is not blessed with soundness on many matters.  I try to avoid anything out of CM because watching a folie a deux is disturbing. Please don't tell me that CM has done good work in the past. Right NOW it reminds me of the time I was a little girl playing in my grandmother's yard one long ago Summer.  I turned over a large rock in the soft red soil and exposed hundreds of gray, squirming bugs. I was repulsed and fled inside to never try that experiment again. If it is true that CM is an Opus Dei side project then the Escrivites need to reign it in because it has become embarrassing.

Look to the saints for your guidance in spiritual matters, not some media production of dubious provenance.