Saturday, November 20, 2021

Random thoughts on a Saturday night

  • Church Militant has gone through the three stages of  kookdom: Eccentric, Actively Avoid and now, CALL THE SHERRIFF FOR A WELLNESS CHECK.  

  • What is going on with all these male Catholic commentators talking about how manly or tough they are? My husband, my father, my father-in-law (one of the meanest men I've ever met but a genuine warrior ), my grandfather or any man in my family has never once boasted of their manhood in my presence. You know who talks about how tough they are? Boys. Little boys, mostly. Full grown normal men don't need to constant reassure themselves and others of their masculinity. It's gotten to the point where the minute somebody starts doing this I immediately put them on my "do not read this guy anymore" list. 

  • I had surgery  last week and it went well.  The surgeon called me today to say that all the pain causing bits that were removed are benign just as she thought and my particular issue should be cleared up for good now. I was very thankful to have been able to stop by the rectory before the surgery and be anointed by one of the priests.

  • It is being suggested that if Father James Jackson of the FSSP can be brought down then it will be a blow to all people who love the TLM. I disagree.  I didn't even know who Fr. Jackson was before his arrest. I've heard of his Nothing Superfluous book but it never occurred to me to pick it up. I think most Catholics outside of the overheated Trad Inc. online world and who don't attend a FSSP parish probably have no idea who he is. 

  • When I was in college one of my professors lectured about public life. He said if you are going to stand up in politics or any monster fighting activity make sure that you are squeaky clean and have no weak spots. If you have ANYTHING in your private life that an investigator for your opponent can use it will be brought to bear against you. Recent events in Catholic blog/Twitter/YouTube land remind me of what that old professor said. If you are going to fight dragons you better be like St. George, which includes no family members who could get hurt in the crossfire.