Saturday, February 26, 2022

Umm, Fr. Keehan? Do You Know What Rock & Roll Actually Refers To?


One thing that we need to face is that the Novus Ordo is essentially whatever the bishop allows. A priest can follow the  GIRM  or he may not. You can have a Mass that is as well done and reverent as a Novus Ordo can be done or you have absolute buffoonery. It's valid. It's in communion, the priest is in good standing  and unless the bishop has a problem with it all your letters of complaint will be sent to the delete folder. 

Fr. Terrence M. Keehan, the pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, Illinois recently had a televised Mass where for the final blessing he held up a guitar and prayed, "Loving God, rock with us as we roll with you. Affirm us, so that we may affirm others. Sing your song in us, that we may sing it with others,” and then he used the guitar like a monstrance and blessed everyone.

There has been a
lot of commentary about this.   I saw the photo and watched the video clip and felt like my cheeks tingle. That unusually happens when I'm shocked. I don't know how old Fr. Keehan is but he looks like he ought to be old enough to know that  the phrase "rock and roll" is  euphemism for sexual intercourse and has been at least since the 1930s. For a very small example, "Roll With Me, Henry", the original "Shake, Rattle and Roll", "Rock With U" and "Rock Me, Daddy," are not about dancing. Fr. Keehan may not have a musical, or anthropological background but come on, we all know on some level that the heart of Rock and Roll is shamanistic. It appeals to the lower passions. I think Fr. either meant well, although the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, or he was trying to cute but he did something appalling.  Would you simulate intercourse, howl, moan or jump around ecstatically before the Cross on Mt. Calvary? No, of course not so why is poor Father asking God Almighty to....I can't write it.