Saturday, October 15, 2022

On Fr. Jackson

I just listened to Ann Barnhardt discussing Fr. James Jackson on her podcast.  It's disturbing and I think at a few points she said things that should not have been said. I've largely ignored most of the commentary and gossip about the case because I just went straight to the docket, USA v. Jackson, docket number, 1:21-mj-00109, in the District of Rhode Island and read the indictment for myself. To the people who still think Fr. Jackson was set up I can only tell you that after reading what his parole officer had to say I'm thankful I didn't even consider donating to any fundraiser on his behalf. 

Fr. Jackson was staying in Kansas with a relative while awaiting trial when he was re-arrested for violating the terms of his parole. While it is possible that something could have been planted in the rectory back in Rhode Island, he did not live and work there alone after all; I don't see that happening in his safe harbor in Kansas. People's hearts will be broken by this when it goes to trial but don't lose your Faith over this. Judas will lead you away from Our Lord and straight to the company of those who scourged and mocked Him. Don't join them.