Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello Moto?

It looks like the Moto Proprio is really going to happen. Rorate Caeli has the story.

I saw a well known priest's blog where he posted an admonition to traditionalists and conservatives not be too smug about the MP. With all due respect, Fr. but perhaps you should step away from the computer a bit or take a short trip out of your parish and take a peek at the world around you...smug? Smug! Who the heck is being smug?

The church is in a terrible mess. Millions of people have lost their faith. Millions don't bother to go to Mass at all anymore. An Italian friend of my husband's marvel when she comes to Mass in America because at home she never sees young people in church. Plus, the fight for reverance and beauty in the Mass is not over. Most of the American bishops are going to defy or ignore this just as they ignored the Ecclesia Dei Commission. Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston has already tried to downplay the MP in recent comments on his blog. Considering the state of his diocese you think he'd be happy to try anything but no...

Nobody's being smug. This is a time for intense prayer.

Our Lady of Akita, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dymphna..i tag you for your 6 favourite english Hymns & your 6 favourite Latin!
Check my blog!

God bless

David L Alexander said...

Hey, Dymph, always nice to hear from ya.

As far as being smug, you should spend more time at St Mary's in Chinatown. There's a few people there who are wound just a bit too tight. A dose of humility always makes one's cause look more presentable to the unconverted.

It's a safe bet the good Father is referring to that.

You stay in touch, now, ya hear?

Dymphna said...

Oh I've been to St. Mary's and yes, you're right a few of the folks there are wrapped a bit tight. I don't think they'll be smug. Some people are already looking at the MP with suspicion and are trying to find fault.... sigh.