Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I have a few rude questions about Iraq

These are rude questions. I may make some people angry for daring to ask them but so be it. Are the Iraqis worth all the hardship our soldiers and their families are being told to endure?

Be honest. Are we crazy to expect a country with 40% literacy, cousin marriage and low status for women to be capable of democracy? Are they even capable of a government that doesn't rely on dungeons and midnight arrests in order to function? Iraq is not Germany, it is not Japan. It's not even Korea. The culture for modernity isn't there.

Maybe, just maybe it's not a matter of winning. Our military could passify the militants in one week if they were allowed to really put the hammer down. Maybe it's that there is nothing to win. Five hours after we leave Iraq will turn into a blood bath no matter how hard we try to teach them to live another way.


M. Alexander said...

I don't think your questions are rude but insightful and important.

I don't think Iraq has ever been about the Iraqis but about our national security.

Will democracy in Iraq succeed? I don't know but it has in Egypt. 40 literacy is actually pretty high for the Middle East. My hope is that the country is safe enough for missionaries to go in there and convert everyone they see.

Sanctus Belle said...

What Iraq needs is conversion not democracy. I'm also shocked by thier behavior. Instead of acting like adults, they've acted like savages. Any government not based on JudeoChristian ideals will become a brutal dictatorship.