Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Something Archbishop Fellay said

I expected him to be sour and spouting gloom and doom but his speech last month was remarkably upbeat. He reminded the audience that yes, things in the church are crappy right now but there has always been a crisis in the church. He's right there has always been a problem to fight, whether it was the pharisees trying to kill the apostles, or Arius seducing the people or Martin Luther straining on his chamber pot and getting wild ideas, coldness and money grubbing at the end of the Middle Ages or complacentcy in the 50s. He went on to say that if you love God and you sincerely want to follow Him and His church, He will never, ever drop you. God loves you so don't be afraid.

I found that terribly touching.


M. Alexander said...

This is what I've noticed. All we ever hear is how horrible the SSPX and the Bishops are and when you read what they actually say- I realize they are a victim of a huge smear campaign that started back against Archbishop Lefebrve.

Let me just clarify that I have never been to an SSPX chapel so I am not an adherent in anyway but if this is becoming obvious to me, and to you- it makes me wonder.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Was SSPX up to going sede and before that on and off most of the latter half of my life.