Thursday, April 02, 2009


Newt Gingrinch converted and I've noticed a lot of Catholic bloggers are being very pissy about it, even bratty little Rod Dreher, who loudly left the Church a few years ago and who really ought to mind his own business has commented. I wish I could ask these people who the hell they think they are. Jesus came to call sinners. He did not found a country club for nice people.

Mary of Magdala was once, according to Catholic Traditon the biggest tramp in Palestine. Jesus spoke to her and she became a saint. Saul of Taursus had Christians killed. Pelagia of Antioch was an actress who sold herself to rich men as a concubine and was known for her lewd stage performances. She heard a bishop preach and completely changed her life. The former scarlet woman retired to the desert and became a hermit. Bartolo Longo was a Satanic priest before he was converted. St. Thomas Becket was living a rich young man at Court's life before he became a saint. Matt Talbot was a falling down, nasty drunk, St. Augustine took at mistress at 17(!), Margaret of Cortona lived openly in sin with a man for years.

I don't like Newt, but unless he messes up and starts acting like, oh say the "devout" Kennedys all I have to give him a chance.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Oh, Newt converted?

Did not know! Some of the guys most hated for not just right wing, but very not classy Capitalist right wing - more recently now Trump - seem to be saving their souls by conversion.

God bless them!