Thursday, December 24, 2009

I hope the Pope is okay

A crazy woman threw herself on him and knocked him down. He's continued on with Mass but he's 82. A shock and blow like that is not good. Someone in security should offer a resignation as soon as they get back to the Vatican. This is the same woman who tried to grab him last year. Is this to be an annual event?


Anonymous said...

I doubt a resignation is in order. It is not possible to protect against everything. You would have to be a mind-reader to know which person is planning a crazy act. Our Holy Father is just fine according to the reports, and I'm sure he is most intently praying for the poor lady. haha . Lucky lady :)


Merry Christmas from a fellow blogger!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Cliff, this woman has made a similar attempt before. While the 82-year-old Pontiff was not injured, Roger Cardinal Etchegaray, aged 87, suffered a broken hip as he tried to protect the Pope. I agree that security was way too cavalier and careless.

Anonymous said...

Restore, Hi. We can just "agree to disagree" on the security issues, I suppose. Although, neither of us will probably ever know all circumstances/issues involved.

I reckon if I had to have a broken leg, then protecting the pope would be right up there on how to have it happen, but not at that cardinals age!

Pablo said...

American Papist has a great exclusive video showing the attack. She can be seen at one point reaching up for the Holy Father's chain on his vestments.

Someone possessed would not have succumed to security that quickly.

Security didn't act fast enough? That guy in the black suit moved like greased lightning compared to what we would have.

Prayers for the Holy Father kept him from harm, not attack.


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

If Susana Maiolo had gone to prison, or had been excommunicated for sacrilege, I would have sympathised with Ratzinger.

BUT she was sent to mental hospital.

She had in fact suffered that indignity before.

AND when she got a chance to speak, she did not complain about that, but give a daft message about Church not caring enough for the poor. It seems mental hospital might have done her doctrinal harm.

Ratzinger so far has not used occasion to speak up against mental hospitals or to ask for forgiveness for having put her THERE. Even if just for one week.

That is where he lost my sympathies again.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

" Roger Cardinal Etchegaray, aged 87, suffered a broken hip as he tried to protect the Pope."

Etchegaray is a modernist, and so he got what he deserved for bad theology.