Saturday, December 05, 2009

The triumph of the cads

I keep hearing women babble on and on about choice and freedom and why we must ---absolutely must be able to slaughter our own children in the womb or we won't have lives worth living.
These poor creatures don't realize how pitiful and defeated they are. They think they're winners, they think they're free. Instead the whole abortion movement has been a triumph for bad men.

Once upon a time a man knew that if he had sex with the girl next door, or the girl from church or the quiet girl in the back row of his algebra class he was running up a debt that would have to be paid. If she got pregnant a whole lot of people would come down on him and he could marry the girl or forfeit his reputation and his position in town. Now, if a girl gets pregnant the man can say "Get an abortion or I'm gone." I once knew a girl in my senior class who got pregnant twice by her boyfriend. He treatened to stop seeing her if she didn't get an abortion. She did both times and guess what? When graduation came he headed off to college and dumped her anyway. He used her for sex and paid no social consequences at all.

Another friend got pregnant by a real piece of work. He was an alchoholic and dangerous. She did not marry him of course and did not have the abortion he wanted either. In exchange for releasing him from any legal custody or financial responsibility to their son she the boy are safe.

Pregnant women get assaulted and killed in shocking numbers in this country. Many modern American males expect that abortion safety valve to protect them from taking repsonsiblity for their actions and the bad ones can get vicious when the woman refuses to kill the baby.

So many pro life workers have told sad stories of seeing unhappy and sometimes crying women being led into abortion clinics by grim faced men. You call that freedom? The confused, frightened woman who is being forced into the killing room by a cold hearted paramour is less free than her great great grandmother ever could've imagined.


Lynne said...

You are so wise. I'm sending this to my daughter. She has her head screwed on right but a little reinforcement never hurt...

Old Bob said...

Thank you, Dymphna! I tell all the young women I meet, "Every woman has something every man wants. Don't give it to him!" Just last week some really drunk young guy asked me what song should he play to a [b-expletive deleted] to get her into bed. I told him if he was man enough to want to take a gal to bed he should be man enough to stand up in front of God and everybody and take her as his wife. Maybe what I said sank in, but I doubt it. It's sad.

Lola said...

Dymphna, I wish you would teach a class on "How to be a Lady in this Modern World" down at the parish. I'd sign my darlings up as soon as they're old enough.

Women have always been used and abused. Children discarded. It's just now, as you pointed out that women are happlessly in on it. And, the government is in full support of abortion.

Last night I watched "My Fair Lady". Towards the end, Eliza wants to know 'what if anything is mine to take'. Her clothes? Women/Ladies were very accutely aware of what was proper. Often those 'social mores' and the culture in general helped guide and protect from the cads. Now, it seems I have to battle the culture in general to keep my darlings safe.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Instead the whole abortion movement has been a triumph for bad men."

So has the raising of marital age!

Same scenario, two different years.

Man lies with thirteen year old girl, makes her pregnant.

1866 : she can go to court and either he'll have to marry her or to pay her and her child. Their child.

2016 : she can go to PP or go to some charity specialised in adoption, but most states around the Christian world she cannot marry him, even if she wants to, even if they both want to. Many won't allow her to keep baby, unless under supervision of her parents.

Which year is the easiest to live in if you are a cad? Or hardest to live in if you have some honour?