Sunday, January 10, 2010

I think I know what the problem is, Father Z.

I am fond of Fr. Z's blog. I'd never eat anything he makes (too fussy for me) but I actually like his food posts. They're interesting. He gets a lot of criticism for the food posts and I think it really bewilders and annoys him. The problem is, I think, that Father spent way too much time living in Europe. Americans love food, (my family members like talking about what we ate last night and what we're going to eat tomorrow) but a lot of what Father cooks is so far beyond the average American's taste or wallet depending on where you live that a small but vocal number of his readers find it very irritating.

And then there's the other problem. In the last 40 years Catholics have been badly burned by distracted priests. We get nervous when a priest seems to be passionate about something other than the priesthood. It's not fair but too many of us have seen motorcycle priests, ventiloquist priests, priests who were experts in Waterford crystal (at parish expense), priests who spent more time in their studios painting abstract art than in the confessional, priests who like to travel with lay people to beach houses rather than pilgrimage sites, priests who rock and roll, priests who never seem to be in the parish because they're doing whatever their hobby is.... and people are bitter and distrustful.

I don't think that Father's food post critics really want him to live on one baked potato a day or beans and soup like a Carthusian but the food posts do strike a nerve. Again, I'll say it's not fair but dear, dear priests so many American Catholics are walking wounded and prone to lash out at the slightest provocation. Sorry.


Charlotte said...

As someone who IS annoyed by Father Z's food posts, I would like to say I'm not annoyed for any of the reasons you state.

While Father Z provides a much needed service to the community in terms of his Latin mass "mission," etc., and does a reasonably good job in educating people on rubrics (even though he is long-winded), I am annoyed simply because he comes of as an elitist snob.

It would take me a long time to FULLY explain why I believe this way, and if you want me to, let me know and I'll try. Suffice it to say that he never acts with charity toward those who don't understand what he's talking about and he is unable to take a direct challenge to his brand of thinking. His blog comes off many times as one big chatter to himself - I can barely read through any article or letter he showcases because of all his clever and self-congratulatory red responses. And then after all that, he is so full of himself that he thinks his readers want to see a step-by-step photo collage of what he made himself for dinner with the expensive European ingredients finanaced by his readers off his Amazon wish list?

I know I sound mean, but hey, you brought it up. And you know I'll just be honest. Father Z is a very gifted and smart intellectual. But he has a long way to go in terms of showing a universal attitude of Christian love and understanding. When I say this, I do remember that he is alone up there in MN and is very "alone" in terms of his mission, etc. Not to mention the regular aloneness experienced by many priests. But still, something there is just not right.

But it's not like I don't read him or link to him. I still do.

Sanctus Belle said...

Hmmm, I was annoyed with Fr. Z's blog the first time I read it. I honestly didn't know why, and honestly I still don't, I just simply don't read it. I find it odd that a priest would have such a "minion" of readers.

Also, I had no idea he was in Minnesota. I thought he was in Rome. I live in Minnesota - where in our fine state is he I wonder...

Charlotte said...

Sanctus Belle,
Father Z has spent alot of time in Rome, to be sure.

All I know is he's somwhere in the middle of nowhere in MN, in his own house with a chapel on the grounds. I don't think(?) he is currently the pastor of any parish. (Actually, the way he talks, I think he wants his location to remain a secret.)

Dymphna said...

I knew he was somewhere in the Mid West but that's it. The location of the farm is secret. I guess it's to avoid groupies showing up in the middle of the night.

Pablo said...

"You're being a little hard on the Beaver, aren't you Ward?"

Poor Father Z.

I read his posts from time to time and make comments now and then. I even look at the bird feeder pictures.

His blog is a good place to stop and take a chill pill.

I like to see he eats well.


msc said...

I'm a little nervous about a priest who isn't attached to a parish and who has so much time to travel and "hang out"

Terry Nelson said...

He lives in Wisconsin on a farm near Green Bay. People think I don't like him, but I actually do - he is a good priest. However, I definitely find that he can be annoying sometimes. I think he should get a job and stay off line - he seems to be constantly on line, twitter, the blog, facebook, chat rooms, etc.. I'm also uncertain about his money making schemes - for a priest without an assignment it seems strange to be soliciting donations and gifts online.

Charlotte said...

He consistently states that he is in MN - near the Twin Cities. So I don't know about this Green Bay location. A long time ago he was in Wisconsin somewhere.

I agree with you about the getting a job and stop asking people for money and expensive gifts.

Terry Nelson said...

Charlotte, he is from this area - Twin Cities - and he regularly visits and helps out at a friend's parish, but he really does live on his farm in Wisconsin - near Green Bay/Wassau. His wish list address is Wassau, Wisconsin.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Suffice it to say that he never acts with charity toward those who don't understand what he's talking about and he is unable to take a direct challenge to his brand of thinking."

Charlotte, how about you checking my debates out for that fault?

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

for a priest without an assignment it seems strange to be soliciting donations and gifts online.

Terry, for a blogger without a paying work, it seems NOT odd. I do the same, however I add to the bargain by allowing republication on paper of my blogs:

Kind of glad to hear Father Zuhlsdorf (yes, I am from Europe and can pronounce that!) has no assignment/had no assignment back then, means he is not trusted by his hierarchs, means those guys who are not very Christian are not dragging him to Hell along with them! At least not full speed!