Monday, January 18, 2010

Things that are starting to irritate me

  • The Haitian coverage. Reporters and photographers are treating the Haitians like animals. I saw a photograph of an elderly woman sitting on the ground topless. She didn't look happy about having her picture taken. I know Haiti is a primitive place but people haven't walked naked in public there in centuries. Imagine you're sitting in your tub or lying in bed or shampooing your hair when the earquake hits. You run outside and find yourself half dressed but alive. And then some foreigner comes along, gapes at you and takes your photograph as if you are a dumb beast on the saharra. I have seen photos from Hurricaine Katrina, the last Japanese earthquake and the last American one and I never saw such disrespect for human pride before.

  • People who knock Michelle Obama for her looks instead of her politics. Yes, the poor woman is unattractive and I don't think she spent much time reading Emily Post as a child but she's not the president and attacking her for her appearance is ungracious, unserious and unmanful. And the people who pick on her children -- there is one blogger who seems to delight in this-- are beyond repulsive. Minor children are out of bounds. Americans used to know this. The people at my job who made fun of Bristol and her baby brother, Trigg Palin are dead to me as far as a social relationship goes and I dont' like snotty cracks about Sasha and Malia Obama either. They can't help having a jackass for a father.

  • Activist Catholics in church. I came to Mass to worship the Lord, not sign your petition. Maybe I'll listen to you after Mass and in the parish hall or the parking lot but save your cause for later.

  • Folks who insist on holding hands during the Our Father. Dude, I only hold hands with blood kin and my husband. You are neither. And the next man who tries to give me a "holy kiss" and a butt squeeze is getting a knee to the groin.

  • Catholics who nitpick every good thing they see. A few days ago four Benedictine postulants took their vows and recieved their novice veils. One guy wrote in and complained that the young ladies in their white gowns were too attractive. I wanted to write in but decided not to. All I could think was that if this indvidual finds nuns on their espousal day too sexy then he has ...issues and had better book himself a one way flight to Saudi Arabia. I think he and his loins would be happier there.

    Another gloomy gus of a person wrote in to say that she hopes none of the nuns stay in the convent out of perseverence. That's like remarking to a couple on their wedding day, "I hope you don't stay married out of duty to God and your vows to Him." What kind of a whack thing is that to say?

    Then there's the people who bitch for the sheer joy of it. This happens quite a lot on New Liturgical Movement blog, I'm sorry to say. Someone will post pictures of a TLM and then readers will filood the comment boxes with petty complaints: the vestments don't fit the priest (never mind the fact that the church in question only has one set), there were six candles when there should've been three, somebody is upset because the bishop has on a blue habit, despite the fact that this particular bishop's order always wears blue from the time of their founding two or three decades ago, someone is pissed because of the priest's high and tight haircut-- turns out that the priest is a military chaplain, (I personally prefer short haired priests, if you have a Samson fetish, get thee to the Byzantines), someone attended the Mass and says that the priest's Latin wasn't good enough-- ungrateful wretch! How good is your spoken Latin, really? Most of us never get to attend a TLM, many people prayed and died waiting for the chance and you pick on a priest who is brave enough and kind enough to say the Mass---ugh!


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I must agree with you on everything that you've listed.

Even though I myself am very nit-picky (I'm a mathematician after all). The one thing I constantly remind myself, not to the point of indifference of course, is the grace that we have certain things that we do have.

The NLM commenters do drive me a bit crazy at times as well. Be thankful that you got the TLM and that said priest isn't obstructing the will of the Holy Father, and Summorum Pontificum.

Also getting sick of the Hati coverage as well...

Hope that all is well

Terry Nelson said...

I like you.

Anonymous said...

Imagine my amusement as I got to the last paragraph and read this: "Then there's the people who bitch for the sheer joy of it."

Charlotte said...

I laughed out loud reading this.

Although I do have to say that while Michelle Obama may not be empiracally pretty according to an American standard, I think she has a very classy style of dress the likes we have not seen since Jackie O. I surprise myself in saying this, but I have thought long and hard about it and stick with this observation.

R J said...

Well, re the NLM's more reckless commentators, there is that old joke: "What's the difference between a liturgical expert and a terrorist?" Answer: "You can negotiate with a terrorist."

Interesting point re Haiti. Remember the television coverage of the 1972-73 Ethiopian famine? No, you don't, because there wasn't any television coverage to remember (except for one British documentary). That is how 99% of the world was, back then. If you wanted to know about that disaster you probably had to read the New York Times's foreign pages. And yet I wouldn't be surprised if the total body count was almost as great as in Haiti now.

Joe S.R. said...

I agree with you. I especially hate the Haiti coverage! (I think we may have seen the same thing) I understand they might be trying to shock in order to get people to donate, but there's a limit to that.

I don't get the second though. i always thought Michelle Obama was pretty. I don't think I know anyone who thinks she's ugly.

Anonymous said...

great ...........................................................

Anneg said...

New to your blog and enjoyed the chuckles.
I think Michele Obama is rather attractive. Don't always think her clothes are the best for her, but she's nice looking.
On TLM, I didn't know Catholics of TLM had turned into Anglicans. I remember in the Episcopal Church somebody always saying, "You turned this way and not that way. Don't you read the rubrics?"
Re Haiti: Answer: it's close, it's easy to get there and you can be back in Miami for dinner.
Praying for the people of Haiti, AnneG in NC

Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum said...

I am new to your blog and enjoy it immensley. One point that stands out for me is the one about TLM. I am new to the Latin Mass and am always nervous about the dirty looks I get from parishioners for not knowing what to do. There is one old guy who always glares at my two year old daughter. Attract more flies with honey than vinegar!

RLH said...

I agree with you about the New Liturgical Movement blog. I try to ignore the comments, so I don't visit the blog very much. It is not worth it.

Then I wonder how their worshipping according to the Extraordinary Form is leading them to be charitable. I know that it is possible because of God's grace, but these commentators are offering a sorry witness to others. I've shared my conclusions with the blog editor.

R J said...

RLH writes: "I've shared my conclusions with the blog editor."

Did the blog editor respond at all, I wonder?

RLH said...

@ RJ - The NLM editor acknowledged that it was a problem, has attempted to remind commentators about it, & encouraged me to focus on the articles.

You have to login comment on NLM, but they need a comments editor. I'm less sympathetic to the blog due to these commentators. I understand why some priests would not even want to put up with it in their parishes. I'm a priest & I could see my time being eaten up by people who would never be satisfied. It would be a no-win situation. I want reverent liturgies with the church buildings, vestments, etc. reflecting this reverence. However, I'm turning to the NLM less & less. There are other resources out there.

nazareth priest said...

Spot on.
With every point you make.
I have noticed the NLM commentators being very annoying...every single little pickin' detail.
We try to have a reverent, faithful and well-planned liturgical life here; we do both Forms.
But these people would drive me to the bottle, I'm afraid. What does God have to do with this is in my mind.

nazareth priest said...

And, I might add this.
I was at a Colloquium years ago at Merton College, Oxford, where a Bishop graciously came to celebrate a Pontifical High Mass in the Extraordinary Form. He was, obviously, unfamiliar with a lot of the rubrics; I think he did a wonderful thing just being there and offering Mass.
What I heard later from some "Lit=snob" was all kinds of everything about how the Bishop didn't do this; didn't know how to do that; etc. I just told him right out he should be just darned happy a Bishop came to do this and knock it off. Well, I got a lot of grief from that. Too bad. I hate it when the "peanut gallery" pontificates with absolutely no charity, compassion, or empathy or for that matter, gratitude.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Joe of St. Thérèse ... a mathematician


If you know French, how about looking into this!

Here: 1) Datation de Carbone 14, comment ça carre avec la Chronologie Biblique 2) Correction de la table, taux de C14, et implications 3) Multiples échecs de trouver une meilleure table que les précédentes 4) Une hypothèse à ne pas retenir 5) Encore un échec ... C14 ... et un double, probablement (mais je serais bref) 6) Examinons une hypothèse qui se trouve contrefactuelle un peu de près 7) Un essai, décision de demander l'aide à un professeur de maths 8) Avec un peu d'aide de Fibonacci ... j'ai une table, presque correcte 9) Une table peut-être évitable ou contournable? 10) Et les autres méthodes radioactives?

No doubt someone was praying for me to get a check up on these ones with a Mathematician, so God sent you here!