Tuesday, February 07, 2012

curious moment at St. Thomas

I was sick and so we missed our regular Mass time and had to go to St. Thomas Moore Cathedral in Arlington. It was interesting. I never really like it there and find the music nigh on to unbearable but the priest is a fine man who Rocky respects and he always celebrates a sober, reverent Mass and gives intelligent homilies. At the end of Mass, right before the dismissal, Father read a letter on the HHS mandate from Bishop Loverde and Archbishop DiLorenzo in Richmond. At least a quarter of the people in the pews got up and rather noisily left before the poor priest had finished reading. I found that curious. The lay staff at the cathedral are generally rude but I've never known the parishioners to be. Were they making some kind of statement by the walk out?


Old Bob said...

Even though a lot of Catholics here in the Twin Cities are notorious for leaving Mass early, I smell a protest walkout here. Well, gee, we may have to get along without them.

Gina said...

Wow - seriously? A walk-out?

Blissfully ignorant. My heart breaks for our future.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

I suspect a separation of the goats and the sheeps is starting in the American Catholic church.

Nathan said...

Dymphna, there might have been some "walk outs," but I have a feeling that (having parked at the cathedral myself on occasion) that getting out of the parking lot first may have been a stronger motivation for many of those who left.

That is not to justify the behavior, of course. But I would think in the case of a good number of people, the principle of increasing one's convenience outweighs action on political principle.

In Christ,

cwbullets said...

At my parish, the letter was read after the Gospel. No walkouts then. At least that huge pigeon no longer hovers over the altar at the Cathedral.