Saturday, January 10, 2015

random thoughts and nope, I'm not Charlie

A lot of people, impotent in the face of Islam are comforting themselves by  jumping up and down on  Bill Donohoe of the Catholic League but I'm inclined to give the poor old man break. He's not media savvy and never seems to learn a thing from his encounters with the secular press and he probably should've retired years ago.  But never mind Bill, let's be honest about something.  It is a horror that 12 people at the magazine and hostages were murdered by terrorists. May God have mercy on their souls and strengthen their families.  However, don't make saints out of  the staff  at the French satirical magazine--- they  were not nice folks. They regularly blasphemed Our Lord and Our Lady. If you can stomach it, Father Blake in England has posted images of their vile, humor.  Looking at these drawings is an occasion to say the Golden Arrow prayer of reparation for blasphemy because the stuff is satanic. Frankly, upon viewing the magazine's merely offensive drawings on other subjects I was mystified. This is art? This is humor? The subscribers of this crap consider themselves sophisticated? THIS is what they think is worth dying for?  The magazine is not about freedom of speech. It's about license. Those who in their stirred emotions are crying, "I am Charlie," ought to familiarize themselves with what Charlie is.

It was very cold and it snowed for Epiphany. There were the usual car accidents  and  bad judgement on the part of school administrators. Tragically, a number of kids got hurt going to school. The Virginia Department of Transportation blew it and didn't have the roads cleared and the Metro was a nightmare. Rocky and I did not expect to see a lot of people at the Epiphany Mass but the church had a good amount of people, God bless them. We were flirting with the idea of going to Holy Comforter in DC for Mass but the parking situation is hit or miss on Capital Hill and neither one of us was interested in wandering around when we had the chance to go to a beautiful Mass in our own parish. I hoped that someone would take professional photos of the Holy Comforter Mass and a very talented young photographer named Renata Grzan Wiczorak did just that. Feast your eyes on this beauty offered to the Lord. 

There are several things I need to do today but some sort of gastrointestinal plague attacked me around two this morning and has not let up.  I drank a bottle of water, and ate some quiche and went back to bed exhausted.

Sunday is the Feast of the Holy Family or the Baptism of the Lord depending whether you follow the Ordinary form or Extraordinary form calendar.

Baptism of the Lord by Tissot


The Holy Family


kam said...

Bravo concerning what needed to be said about Charlie Hebdo. In the name of literary freedom they have insulted God, His Mother, Our Lord and anyone else they pleased to. The results of the French Revolution still linger, no, are in full blown control of France and really, the whole world. Think for a moment: How can a government invite/allow millions of Muslims into their country and then continually allow a publication to insult the entity they consider God? I believe this whole sad affair was a time bomb waiting to happen, and will happen again. Until the Kingship of Christ is acknowledged again, this will never end.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Not Charlie either.

Another reason some guys over here take me for a spiritual twin of that police shooter.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"May God have mercy on their souls and strengthen their families. However, don't make saints out of the staff at the French satirical magazine--- they were not nice folks. They regularly blasphemed Our Lord and Our Lady."

I took the Christmas issue or Christmas extra issue of their mag for a blasphemy.

I mournfully refrained from smashing the glass of the kiosque and pulling it out to tear it apart or burn it.

Other Christians with some more power than I to react also refrained from doing so, mournfully or not.

Day after Epiphany the massacre took place. One of the killers said "we have revenged the honour of our prophet".

Not "of our prophet Mohammed", but: "of our prophet".

They count "Isa" as their prophet too. And perhaps they had given a chance to Christians to react first, throughout Novus Ordo Christmas tide and many hours more on Jan. 7th.

Their previous attack on the mag was non-bloody, just putting fire on the building - I was sympathyetic to it and afterwards reflected that if Christians had done another attack (with fire extinguishers instead of fire this time) they might have saved the life of Charlie Hebdo members.

Like, if Florida had had the laws against sodomy which Cyprus and Ireland abolished very lately, there would have been less people crying outside The Pulse now.

Has God refrained Christian mild responses to blasphemy and sodomy in order to let Muslims show, both what their style is, and what HE thinks of those sins?