Thursday, January 01, 2015

Well, that was uh, interesting.

Because of Rocky's schedule and traffic we couldn't make it to our own parish for the vigil so we went to another church that we've been to many times before. They had a guest priest and Mass was all over the place. Rocky and I kept looking at each other and the conversation from our pew to the front door went like this:

Dymphna: "Was there a penitential rite?"
Rocky: "No, I'm not sure what that was. I think he combined the opening remarks with the Kyrie."
Dymphna "Oh."
Rocky: "That Gloria went on entirely too long. It was longer than the first and second readings together."
Dymphna "It was call and response style. I don't think the angels sang that long at Bethlehem."
Rocky: "There's no collection? But they're always saying they need money."
Dymphna: "I think it was to save time. Good homily but he raced through it."
Rocky: "Do yo want me to ask about the penitential rite?
Dymphna "No.  I don't want to make him mad."

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newguy40 said...

Gosh, what does it say about the state of our liturgy and faith when we come out of a Mass like you've described?!

I'll tell you this... we will never attend a Mass where the bulletin shows VP (visiting priest). Just the oddities that you described and on one occasion a priest allowed an unordained man gave the homily... err... "reflection" as that VP called it. Those VP Mass became near occasions of sin for me.

I hope and pray for a better year to come. pax--