Monday, January 19, 2015

Visit to St. Thomas Moore

I went to my uncle's nursing home on Saturday instead of my usual Sunday this week. It's a good thing to shake up your schedule when you have a loved one at a nursing home. You don't ever want the staff to get casual about your comings and goings. If they think that you only show up on Tuesdays for all you know your loved one is left unclean all week and only cleaned up on Tuesday morning.

At any rate, everything was fine. Rocky picked me up and we went to St. Thomas Moore which is less than a mile from the nursing home for Mass.  If I said St. Thomas was in a rough neighborhood that would be an understatement. Decent people have to be very careful and observant over there. The vigil Mass is held in the rectory chapel and it's very cozy and a sweet, sweet experience. The parishioners are so kind and friendly. An elderly priest, who is fighting a serious illness offered the Mass and his homily was outstanding.  Because the rectory chapel is so small I don't think I'll bring my uncle to Mass there. If he's having a bad day or just wants to fuss he'd disturb everyone so I'll stick to taking him to Annunciation, the other church that's near the nursing home. 

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Lola said...

I am so glad your Uncle is at a good home. Your advice to "shake" up the schedule is very good advice for ANY caregiving institution, including nursery schools.